All about Lunching at Neiman Marcus and My favorite Cookbook, ‘Neiman Marcus Cooks’

My Mom called just the other day to let me know that something special was coming in the mail…
Once it arrived I wasn’t disappointed!
I received the new ‘Neiman Marcus Cooks’, a cookbook which is filled with all of their classic and popular dishes served in their restaurants each and every day.
This cookbook is not only beautiful but jam packed full of recipes that are rich in taste and yummy!

Shopping with my Mom and sister has always been a special event.
We always make sure to stop at Neiman Marcus for lunch whenever there is one nearby.
I learned that shopping was a much coveted time with my family from a young age with lunch being the ‘highlight‘.  :)
If there is a Neiman’s on the agenda we always plan on allowing ourselves just enough time to enjoy both rich conversation and food.
Starting with each memorable occasion at the restaurant we find ourselves seated at a sweet table with a beautiful white table cloth and an atmosphere filled with classic looking women who lunch. ;)

Once seated you are then immediately brought Neiman’s signature favorite ‘Popover’ which is often the size of the plate…
Strawberry butter is always served alongside.  The best!
While perusing the menu you’re then given an espresso cup filled with the best Chicken Broth ever and a miniature cheddar biscuit to compliment it.
Both of which are rich and flavorful.

Lunch for me is usually the same although they have a varied menu of all kinds of foods from fresh fish, salads and soups to juicy hamburgers.
You’ll always find me ordering the classic ‘California Sampler’ which includes an array of beautiful lunch treats all of which surround a scoop of Neiman’s incredible Chicken Salad.
My favorite item on the plate would have to be the coveted Mango Soufflé.
This is by far the most requested item at all Neiman Marcus restaurants.  It’s formed just perfectly and chilled with fresh mango slices inside.  I love it’s sweetness and look forward to it every time.
There is also fresh fruit served with their signature poppy seed dip and slices of fresh pumpkin or Zucchini bread.
So much food but I somehow never leave a crumb.

I hope you’ll have the chance to visit a Neiman Marcus restaurant one day.
I love that my Mom has made it such a fun and special highlight for my family whenever we are out and about…  shopping til we drop. :)

The cookbook, Neiman Marcus Cooks is as gorgeous as the food I’ve been served.
Each page is dripping with colorful photos and recipes that aren’t too difficult to follow, even for a beginner chef like myself.
If you are looking for a special gift for the holidays you may want to order one for that special someone or even for yourself…
I love it and I know anyone who receives it will too!

Hugs and Bon Appetit!
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