Loveliest Looks of Summer – Fashion, Food, and Decor!

Happy Monday everyone! I am SO excited because today I am taking part in the Loveliest Looks of Summer Tour with some amazing blogger friends and hosted by Summer Adams and Rebekah from A Blissful Nest. They rounded up such a fun group, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s posts . Everyone will be showcasing some of our favorite summer fashions & summer home decor (and I’ll be sharing some of my fave foods too!) so this post is jam-packed. If you’d like to see the other ladies who are taking part in the tour, make sure to read to the bottom of the post where all of their blogs are linked. :)

Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!

Summer Fashion

Summer is one of my favorite seasons, mainly because fun patterns and colors are back at play. During the winter months I tend to stick with one of my favorite colors: black, but as soon as the weather warms up, my color palette changes completely.

For me, florals reign supreme, along with ruffles and feminine features. I am such a girly girl, and all of you know how obsessed I am with dresses.. so summer is the time that I go crazy with getting as many fun dresses as I can. I snagged the cute blue floral dress that I’m wearing in the photo from LOFT but I have a million versions of it that I purchase throughout the spring and summer seasons.

If you’d like to shop – please click on any of the dress photos below.

Floral Dresses I’m Loving:

Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!

Men’s Fashion:

Jeff is such a casual guy when it comes to clothes, but he always looks put together. He really loves wearing beautiful colors during the summer, whether brights or pastels and I’m always impressed with his ability to jump from his standard go to blacks and whites to soft pastels of lavenders and blues. He isn’t afraid of color and I love that. He and I both agree that polos and the casual button down shirt is always a classic look and style that one can wear anywhere. Jeff picked up the polo he is wearing in this shot with me from Macy’s but he also finds them at Nordstrom, Banana Republic, JCrew and Vineyard Vines.

To shop any of the shirts below – click the photo

Preppy Shirts Jeff’s Purchasing:


Summer Decor

Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!

Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!
I’ve been obsessed with blush ever since Christmas… So much so that it’s become a year-round staple when I’m looking to decorate the inside and outside of my home. I can’t help myself.. I find myself gravitating toward everything blush related lately. Blush brings a sense of happiness, a light emotion.. it’s feminine and pretty. Just like the Custom Sunglasses my friend had. I’m so happy that Jeff humors me throughout my blush/pink phase as well.. He knows me all too well. One year it’s blue – the next it’s white. Just ask him about the time he left for China for 2 weeks and came home to an all white house. LOL. I think he was secretly thrilled over that change. ;)

When it comes to summer decor, (any decor for that matter) I love sticking with one overall color scheme throughout my small home no matter what it is… With my open floor plan very space leads to the next and I find that by keeping things within the same tones, it lends for a smoother flow and transition. Right now my home is all about blush, whites and grays.

If you have been following me for awhile then none of any of this will surprise you. I live for flowers and talk about them all the time. I have every space filled to the brim. There are floral pieces and fresh bouquets everywhere you look. This has been made a whole lot easier now that I have a garden full of roses, penstemon and hydrangeas.

There are other ways you will find this soft color and floral theme in my home as well.. I have introduced new pillow covers and art, as well as other small decor pieces. There is beauty everywhere you look during this season and I love bringing as much of it as I can into my home.


Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!
Pink Pillow with White Grosgrain Ribbon – Lauren Haskell Designs

Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!
Bringing the inside out with our new blush inspired outdoor space. Yay!!

Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!
Pink and Ivory Star Pillow | Pink and Ivory Star Rug | White Ginger Jar | Outdoor Sofas (Chalk color no longer available)


Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!

Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!

Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!
One of my favorite new pieces for summer has to be this large floral print hanging above my mantel from my talented photographer friend, Georgianna Lane. It’s a rose collection of fresh flowers that pick up all the blush, peach and white tones in my home. It’s so perfect I can’t believe it. Georgianna and I have worked together on several projects in the past.. You may remember my large 9 piece gallery wall upstairs? Click here for that post. It’s one of my absolute favorite things in my home… We decided to frame this large piece with the classic white Montauk frame from Framebridge. The white pairs perfectly with the print and the slight distressed frame compliments the space beautifully.

Click here for my print. Click here for the frame.

To shop – please click on any of the home decor photos below.


Floral and Blush Home Decor Pieces I’m Loving:


Summer Food

Loveliest Looks of Summer - Fashion, Food, and Decor!This is so simple – For me, summer is all about fruit. Fruity drinks, fruit-infused water, and fruit related desserts! We picked up this delicious fruit covered cheesecake at Whole Foods, but love to make it ourselves when we have the time. Another favorite drink for everyone is the San Pellagrino (or if you’re looking for a non-sugar version.. La Croix!). The summertime favorite fruit for our entire family is by far the Watermelon, we eat it often between May-August.

Loveliest Looks of Summer Tour Kristy Wicks

Click here for a delicious “Fruit Pizza” Cheesecake recipe by Chelsea’s Messy Apron! So yummy!!



Hope this post helps get you into the summer frame of mind… We live for this special season that’s all about family and fun. :)
Check out some of the other girls that are in the tour with me below! They all have such great blogs – if you’d like to see each of their tours.. click each link below.


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12 thoughts on “Loveliest Looks of Summer – Fashion, Food, and Decor!

  1. It all looks absolutely perfect, Kristy! Your home is the perfect place for enjoying summer. Thank you so much for including my work in your home and in your summer recommendations! xo

  2. oh Kristy ! every time i say to myself i will just look at your recent post , thats all, wont take to long ………i end up clicking every link , drooling over all your gorgeous pictures and ,shhhh don’t tell my hubby, spending some money ! which ALWAYS makes me very happy ! lol xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh my goodness, darling friend! You and Jeff are the cutest! So glad you included him in this and Men’s fashion… Love it! Your home looks spectacular, I love your backyard! All the dresses you shared are gorgeous! So glad you could join us in this tour… XOXO