Love The Home You Have Do you think a book can make a difference in how you view your  home…?  I have to say that Melissa Michaels’, ‘Love The Home You Have’ has convinced me of exactly that!   I am so fortunate to have gotten to know the very talented and sweet Melissa through Instagram this past year.   I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I immediately fell in love with her design style, full of tips and DIY projects from the first glance of her feed.  I admired the way in which she makes her home her very own castle with a realistic and honest approach.  Luckily for all of us, Melissa not only graces all of Instagram with snippets of her beautiful home but she also has a popular Blog perfectly titled, ‘The Inspired Room’.  Better Homes and Gardens loves it so much they made her the winner of the 2014 Better Homes and Gardens Readers’ Choice Decorating Blog.  Such a well deserved honor.

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Melissa’s new book, ‘Love The Home You Have’ describes that it’s possible to love your home, flaws and all.  This book is a funny, warm yet realistic guidebook that encourages you to look within yourself to help make your home a reflection of what matters most to you.  Melissa and I believe in so many of the same things with our approach to making your house a home. She emphasizes expressing your true style by surrounding yourself with layers of memories to tell your unique story.  I totally agree!  She goes on to say in her book, “Rather than filling your home with random accessories or things bought simply to fill a space, collect things you love in the process of living a full and meaningful life.”  This ideal is beautiful and an honest approach to taking control of your home and letting it express you and your family.  I try and remind myself of this each and every day.  My life’s not perfect therefore my house wouldn’t reflect my life if it were perfect.  Homes are made of people and love and your accessories should be the cherry on your home cake. ;)

Melissa’s kitchen with her sweet pup, Jack ~

Charcoal-and-white-kitchen-with-dash-albert-rug-and-a-goldendoodleI was able to ask Melissa a few questions to help you understand a little more about the author behind this wonderfully refreshing take on home.  I hope that you will take the time to read through all…  She is so charmingly real I wish she lived next door. :)

How many homes have you lived in with your family?

My husband and I have bought six homes since we’ve been married. We are not in the military and we only bought this last one due to relocation of a job, the rest we bought because I wanted to live in them. I feel a little bit like that cat lady in the youtube video, I just want ALL THE HOUSES. It’s awkward. That’s why I had to learn to love the home I already have.

How has your style changed from when you were first married? 

My earlier homes were decorated in more of an English country and British Colonial style. Over the years I’ve streamlined my style preferences and found an eclectic blend of traditional, modern and flea market that seems to suit this house and our lifestyle!

What would your dream home entail and where would it be? 

Ohhh, dear, it depends on the day! How could I ever decide? I have so many dream houses! If I could only settle on one, it would be a beautiful gray shingled house with white trim (a coastal craftsman styled house on the outside and a modern farmhouse style with a touch of coastal on the inside!). It would be on a small hill overlooking the water. Maybe in Nantucket. :) Is that too much to hope for?

What is your favorite color? 

I love coral, which is interesting because I have hardly any coral in my house (except my guest room). For decorating I generally stick to white, grays and shades of blue.

What are your favorite flowers?

My two favorite flowers are tulips and peonies.

Do you like to garden?

I can’t say that I have a green thumb but I love puttering around in a garden! I really enjoy designing small yards with little pathways, patios, trellises and plants. The truth is I prefer that someone else do all the hard digging though, I mostly just enjoy being IN the garden once it’s done.

Which designer most inpires you?

I think Sarah Richardson is probably my favorite designer, especially her farmhouse. I love how she mixes colors and patterns. I recently discovered the show Fixer Upper and I resonate with Joanna Gaines style as well. My husband and I watch their show and love it!


I can’t emphasize enough how much I absolutely adored writing this post about Melissa’s book today.  She was able to really capture all of what I truly believe with regards to making your ‘home your haven’.  It’s a wonderful thing to be reminded that homes don’t have to be completed to perfection in order to be loved and appreciated.  Oftentimes it’s the journey.  I should know this having owned several homes myself but I think with today’s busy, hectic world it’s something most of us often forget.  We don’t need to fall into that trap of keeping up with the Jones’.  It’s all in how you look at things.  With just a little change in perspective and a few steps, Melissa reminds us that we too can can fall in love with our home…

‘It’s possible to transform the house you already have into your sanctuary, a place that actually enhances your life and inspires you in unexpected ways.’  
Such good advice.
Thanks Melissa!  :)

To get your very own edition of, ‘Love The Home You Have’ click here.  There are also more quotes as well as a book trailer at



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