Christmas Snippets

A few snippets of my home this holiday season…
Have a beautiful day! http:/// http:/// http://ww.wicksnest.com


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3 thoughts on “Christmas Snippets

  1. your new white painted rooms are so fresh and clean!! can I ask what color you used for walls and trim. I would love to do the same, thank you

    1. Hi Risia. My new white paint is Kelly Moore, Swiss Coffee. :) Everything is the same color but different textures… Walls are low sheen, ceilings are flat, and all doors, window casings, trim and molding are low gloss. I stayed with Swiss coffee because my cabinetry is the same and I didn’t want to try and find a white the complimented them. Too many whites look different in different lighting and I knew that this was one I loved. You may want to do a different white for your trim but I didn’t want to pay to have everything completely redone. ;) Hugs!