My Love Affair With Wallpaper

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My love affair with wallpaper grew at a slow pace. For the longest time I looked at wallpaper like it was viewed in the past – permanent, one dimensional, with colors that fade over time. It wasn’t until I began to look at wallpaper in powder rooms and entryways up close and personal that I really began to notice the changes that brought about this resurgence and it’s effects on the design industry. I completely underestimated this returning trend that computers and printers played an integral role with. A friend of mine even told me about somewhere like where I found some soundproof wallpaper.

Let’s not forget the convenience of newer removable wallpaper… a game changer that played a huge role in people’s attitude toward wallpapers. All of a sudden wallpaper was everywhere again.. from hotels to stores – even regular homes like my own. Wallpaper was back and with it… my love affair with wallpaper began to grow.

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Years ago wallpaper was the grand dame of wall finishes… Until most recently however, paint held that honor with the highest distinction. It wasn’t until removable wallpaper was perfected and the newly designed, textured and embossed wallcoverings came about that everyone sat up and really took notice.

Yesterday’s paper is no comparison to the wallpaper I’m seeing today. This is a welcome change for someone like me who happens to love everything white or neutral when it comes to addressing the walls. I think people often mistake a love for white for bare and boring. Not true. Just because I love white doesn’t mean I want to give up on design altogether…

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I’m finding through my search that the newer style wallpaper designs allow me the opportunity to express more of my personality while keeping within my comfortable neutral zones. A wall absent of art still maintains a sense of elegance and interest with wallpaper. Keeping this in mind I’ve been looking to add wallpaper in my new master bedroom and powder room. While searching, it was important for me to find papers that keep the walls looking calm and soothing… not too busy. I love relaxing colors with a little ‘something special’ added to set it apart. Whether using the newer popular grasscloths or the metallic sheen designs, walls become so much more alive and are able to make more of a statement than ever before.

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The greatest part of using a neutral wallpaper is that these tones blend and accent well with all materials. They don’t offend easily and you don’t tire of them quickly. I look at neutral wallpaper like my London Fog trench-coat… it’s classic, it goes with everything and it’s timeless.

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Keeping my neutral direction in mind I took my time looking for the right wallpaper… I must have sent a million different patterns to all my friends and family to let me know their thoughts. This is what I always do. It’s my process. ;) Most of them were loved and some were tossed. I’ve learned through this method that everyone has an opinion but ultimately you need to choose what YOU want.

It was also very important for me to remember that my husband will be living with this paper too…While I may be able to handle large flower designs, he probably wouldn’t love them near as much. So while I do adore the florals… I felt it only fair to pass on them for now.

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At the top of my list were designs that are contemporary, not too trendy, something that can stand the test of time and maintain a relevance over the years. Even though the newer style removable wallpapers are easy enough to switch out, I knew that whatever I put on my new walls will more than likely be staying awhile.

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OK… drum roll…
The two papers I’ve decided to include in my new home are Thibaut’s, Caballo in pearl and York’s, Carey Lind Lotus in pearl. WooHoo!

Thibaut’s, Caballo


York’s, Carey Lind Lotus


I love both of my selections and while they are similar in color, they are very different in look and feel.
The Caballo is both classic and contemporary with a mix of metals on white. The design is a large motif and it’s perfect for placement on the wall behind my bed. I have a pitched ceiling and I think the pattern will look stunning… especially at the highest points. The powder room on the other hand is very small and it’s filled with awkward angles. I knew I didn’t want an obvious pattern because of this but more of a subtle, textured paper for interest.
The Lotus is beyond beautiful and full of texture. So much so that I think most of my friends and family will find themselves reaching out to touch it. It’s look and feel reminds me of an oil painting… Love!

As soon as both of these papers are hung I’ll make sure to share photos of the completed spaces with all of you. I couldn’t be more excited to be including this new/old wall treatment in my new home.


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10 thoughts on “My Love Affair With Wallpaper

  1. Loving your choices Kristy ! Have always been a fan of wall paper and have just papered 3 rooms for @instagramcreative – she will be revealing what’s going on before long . So looking forward to your completed rooms – I agree with you that paper has changed much over the years – technology has made so much more possible ! Exciting times xx

    1. Aww Karen! So excited to have you take a peek…I can’t wait to see what you girls are up to. I’ve been so busy with the house lately I haven’t had as much time to comment and check in on everyone. I’m more than ready to get back to my normal schedule once the house is finished. What am I thinking… then we’ll have the gardens and courtyard to contend with. Lol It never ends. Have a beautiful Thursday! Hopefully we can meet up one of these days. Jeff is heading back to London in June then September again as well. I’ll make sure to tag along.. xo

  2. Congratulations on your new home, Kristy! I love your choice of wallpaper for your new bed and bathroom. I’ve always loved wallpaper and have hung numerous rolls of it! I’ve also removed a lot of it too. I’ve been thinking of adding wallpaper to a couple of our bedrooms but have been hesitant to do so. But I love your examples – especially the Perswall one with the little birds. Love that! Can’t wait to see your rooms when they’re done!

    1. Thanks so much Jen! I’m working on organizing as we speak… My wallpaper choices in my new home are favorites I’m so glad I tuck with. Hugs and thanks so much for your support! xx

    1. Thanks Jen! I’m loving my wallpaper choices… I’ll post both spaces as soon as they’re completed. My new bedroom furniture arrives next week and I still need a new mirror for my powder room. Lol
      I love how beautiful everything is looking however and can’t wait to show them off… :) Hugs!! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Summer… I’m trying to wrap up my spaces so I can begin taking pics. You are so sweet and always so supportive. Thanks so much for that! Hugs! xx

  3. Can you tell me what the white paper with the grey and charcoal leaves is called? Where could I source it? thanks!