Kristy’s Friday Favorites

Hi everyone, and welcome to Kristy’s Friday Favorites #4 ~
Today I am back with 5 incredible picks to start your weekend off with a bang! This is slowly turning into my favorite blog post to write because I can highlight so many fun great people, recipes, DIY, fashion and more.

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1. Favorite Mirror

I have noticed people going ‘gaga’ for this gorgeous mirror from Target. The reasons? It’s simple, to the point, a great price, and totally in-style. It fits with every theme and design; farmhouse modern, classic, boho… it’s so cute and the best pat? It’s only $50!  Definitely worthy of a Friday favorite all on it’s own.

Photo via Reese & Rowe.

Photo via Emily Henderson.

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2. Favorite Date Night Outfits

I love looking cute while on a date with Jeff. Date nights are few & far between (especially when you’re a mom with little ones) so looking your best for your significant other is important! I really try to up my game a little and look my best whether going on dinner dates, dancing, or to the movies. Whether I wear a little black dress with heels & a boho bag, or a pair of skinny jeans with an adorable top and crossbody purse, I always want to look put together.

Click the images on the collage to shop each item!

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Click the images on the collage to shop each item!

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Click the images on the collage to shop each item!


3. Favorite Beach Photographer

When I first stumbled upon Lauren Marttila’s photography, I was taken away by the beauty. The way Lauren captures the movement of waves and the textures of the sands in Nantucket is simply mind blowing to a non-photographer like myself.  Her lavender and pink sunsets are my favorite and it doesn’t hurt that many are sprinkled with surfers (her husband being one) along with birds in flight.

Lauren began photography a mere 5 years ago when her husband bought her a camera for their first Anniversary and the rest is history as they say. Each photograph has that “road trip, hanging out of the truck, racing to catch the sunset, best wave of the day” story behind it which is perfect. I love this description and I’m so honored to have 2 of Lauren’s pieces in my home… each photograph takes me happily away to Cisco Beach..
To view more of Lauren’s work click here.

4. Favorite Bar Carts

I am on the hunt for a gorgeous bar cart! Specifically for my living room, underneath my gorgeous beach photography. There are so many different styles and shapes of bar carts, and price points. Whichever you end up choosing, dressing a bar cart up with beautiful bar accessories & glassware is so much fun!

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5. Favorite Girl Boss Offices

Emma and I have been working on my blog 24/7 it seems like lately… And we do it all from my living room sofa. While that can be fun & comfy, what I wish we really had room for was an amazing office. The offices below are all different, yet inviting and gorgeous in their own way. I am so inspired by them and think it would be amazing to have my own office space one day.

Image via Minted.

Image via DecoCrush.

Image via Canterbury Cottage Designs.

Image via Rachel Parcell.

Image via Stylebee.



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