Kicking off the Autumn season with my little blue pumpkin…

It’s been such a busy week in our home with our little guy, Cal not feeling well and trying to jump into the Autumn decorating season with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees in the San Francisco Bay area.

I don’t usually begin decorating for the Fall season until October 1st but with my new blogging venture and the incredible exposure I now have to so many creative Interior Designers jumping into the season ‘full throttle’
I figure there’s no time like the present.

I’ve decided I’m going to treat the decorating process a little differently this year by introducing a piece at a time…
While I love and appreciate a finished space I find my excitement and interest grows more throughout the actual decorating process than the end result.
So I hope you’ll join me each day as I find something new and special to introduce to you and my home that celebrates the changing colors and temperatures of the Fall season.

To kick off this year I’ve decided to start ‘small for Fall’ with my special Autumn blue glass pumpkin from Homegoods.
I found this blue pumpkin last year and thought it such a fun and yet beautiful way to celebrate pumpkins and all their glory.
I had never seen so many gorgeous glass pumpkins before let alone one in every hue and size.
I certainly didn’t think I’d find one in the exact same shade of my blue home but of course I found not only 1 but 2…  ;)
My blue glass pumpkins are hand blown and sprayed with a mixture of complimenting colors with a translucent brown curled stem on top.
I ‘m always excited when I find things that are unique and these glass pumpkins not only fit the bill but offer more than just the typical 1 dimensional view.
So perfect, so cute and so me.

I’d love for you to keep checking in throughout the week to see what other new special seasonal finds I’ve stumbled upon.
A Fall Giveaway will begin on October 1st so be on the lookout!

I know I can’t wait to see what treasures I discover…




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12 thoughts on “Kicking off the Autumn season with my little blue pumpkin…

    1. Thanks Wendy! He is always happy camper as long as he can catch a few zzz’s. ;) Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs! xo

  1. I have never seen a blue pumpkin. It’s really is a great autumn touch without bringing in the orange. You are always teaching me something about decorating. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Rebecca… I really love things that celebrate each season in the ‘traditional way’ but nowadays there are so many people introducing so many beautifully creative things… I love seeing what’s out there and try to incorporate all. Thanks so much for commenting! Have a relaxing weekend! xo

  2. Living in the Bay area I wonder if you have visited the glass pumpkin “display” at Stanford? It looks so interesting and all the pumpkins are for sale. Check it out!

    1. No Diane! I’ve never seen it! I’ll have to head over and check it out. Thanks for letting me know. Stanford mall is one of my favorite outdoor malls with all their incredible flowers and gardens. Hugs and have a beautiful weekend! xoxo

  3. I love the blue pumpkin and how neat that you were able to find it in the perfect shade! I usually wait until October 1st to decorate for fall too, but like you said, in blogland, everyone seems to start in early September. We’re having a lot of heat here too, so I’m trying to hold off just a bit. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! So glad Cal is feeling better. As soon as I heard he wasn’t feeling well on Instagram, I sent up a few prayers for him. Sweet pup!

    1. Hi Iris. I have a post on my Homepage on the right side titled, ‘Paint colors in my home’. :) My Family room is painted in Restoration Hardware Glacier. It changes colors in different lighting so make sure you test it on a poster board on different walls at diff times of the day. :) Hugs and good luck!