Autumn Hydrangeas

Autumn is here and it’s hard to not notice…
even with the California ‘Indian Summer’ upon us.
The tell tale sign?
My hydrangeas are changing their colors from the brighter greens, blues and pinks to the more subdued lavenders, burgundy and beiges with a speckle of faded pinks or greens.

This is the optimum time for those of you who aren’t familiar with hydrangeas to cut your larger blooms for use as decor.
Not much is required except to trim the flowers about 6 inches below the blooms, strip off all leaves and any dead stems and then simply arrange the flowers how you like.
It’s THAT simple. ;)
You can either place them in a vase without water or lay them flat on the shelf.
I absolutely love the variations in the colors and even with my light home of blues and greens these natural earthy tones look so rich and add so much character and texture.
I’ve included a few pictures of my ever changing blooms…
It won’t be long before they’re gone and I’m forced to buy my favorite flower at the store.
Until then…  I’ll be posting as many pictures as possible of these incredible mops and balls of faded glory.




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10 thoughts on “Autumn Hydrangeas

    1. Thanks Jen! You’re the best. LOVED your recent post and all you’ve been doing! Hugs and thanks for being so inspiring! xoxo

    1. I love them too Lisa! Thank you! That ‘W’ is from Pottery Barn… Hope you’re having a great Tuesday! Hugs! xoxo

  1. Gorgeousness in all it’s glory!
    You dry them the same as me too although I did tie some together and hung them upside down in the garage too and they seem to have more colour xxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Loraine! You are sooo great to add the hanging upside down tip! I’m going to do that with my next batch! I really do need to come out and visit you and Carol the next time I’m in London… and no tea please! ;) I’ll bring wine! Haha! Hugs and have a beautiful evening! xoxo

  2. Beautiful hydrangeas Kristy! A couple of mine have started changing colors but can you believe my white hydrangea has just started blooming! It’s so pretty. They are one of my favorite flowers. Have a lovely evening.

    1. Thank you Allison! I can’t believe your white hydrangeas just started to bloom! How crazy… I have so many blooms I think I’ll definitely have more than enough to dry. ;) Take care and have a beautiful Thursday. xoxo