Jeffrey Dungan Kitchen Inspiration

Beginning today with a little Jeffrey Dungan kitchen inspiration…

Kristy Wicks

With today’s green conscientious world there’s a greater demand trending toward kitchens designed using natural materials and in some cases, natural materials in their raw natural state.  Not only does this introduce more texture and interest to every space… something architects and designers both covet and crave, it also highlights the amount of incredible beauty these natural resources provide. Although many materials are replicated nowadays… there is no comparison or substitution to the uniqueness that comes from the natural state of wood that’s weathered the elements or from a stone that’s centuries old.  Those are the kinds of characteristics that come to play when raw materials are used and as a result provide a beautifully designed space full of personality, warmth and uniqueness.

I’ve always been a fan of using natural materials but it wasn’t until earlier today when Architect Jeffrey Dungan of Dungan-Nequette reminded me of the important role they play.  This gorgeous kitchen designed by Jeffrey is full of raw natural materials and has such a fresh and rich appearance, it’s gracing the pages of Luxe Magazine this month.   I can’t get enough of this stunning kitchen made entirely of wood, glass and marble.

Beautiful marble, glass, natural wood kitchen designed by Jeffrey Dungan.
source ~ Jeffrey Dungan

In all of Jeff’s designs you will notice that he makes a concerted effort to allow for nature and light to play an active role. Careful consideration is always given to accent the beauty provided by each location, space and materials within each of his designs… Actually, it’s this nod to nature that first drew me to Jeff’s designs.

In all of his well thought-out spaces you will find an abundance of windows that are included.  Windows and light accent everything according to Jeff… especially natural materials.  He wasn’t kidding with the Nashville home full of windows shown below.  The open airy feeling brings every little detail to life. Incredible!

Beautiful marble, glass, natural wood kitchen designed by Jeffrey Dungan.  Beautiful marble, glass, natural wood kitchen designed by Jeffrey Dungan.
source ~

The farmhouse kitchen with the extravagant chandelier is one of my absolute favorite Dungan-Nequette kitchens as it gives a nod to all that is light and bright. This space, surrounded by green from every angle gives the illusion of sitting high amongst the trees with the height of the extended windows.  The rustic beams inside further carry the idea and take the phrase ‘bringing the outside in’ to a literal level.  Love it and once again you can’t help but appreciate the natural state of many of the materials and careful precision used throughout the design.

Rustic kitchen full of light and windows with open shelving by Jeffrey Dungan. https://kristywicks.comRustic kitchen full of light and windows with open shelving by Jeffrey Dungan.
source ~ Dungan-Nequette

Another kitchen beauty reflecting that Dungan-Nequette elegant/rustic style perfectly is shown in the lakehouse kitchen below…  The shiplap on the island and walls gives it that rustic lake feel yet the lighting over the island, glass encased cabinetry and upscale appliances kick everything up a notch.   Like many of the designs reflecting real life, this space is an open plan and as a result this kitchen contributes an equally important part to the entire home.  I love the comfortable yet elevated way it looks and feels.

Rustic elegant lakehouse kitchen from Dungan-Nequette. htpp://www.kristywicks.comRustic elegant lakehouse kitchen from Dungan-Nequette. htpp://
source ~ Dungan-Nequette

The last example of Jeff’s signature style can be found in the Alabama Residence below.  This kitchen with it’s light, creamy white appearance is very me.  I am drawn toward everything white in respect to homes, kitchens especially…  and the crisp colors reflected in this bright, beautiful space instantly pull me in.  The casual wide window seat with room for piles of pillows makes me happy and the cozy seat is the perfect spot to have my morning cup of Joe…  ;)  This kitchen mix of both classic and modern styles produces a space that is not only elegant but timeless.

White beautiful kitchen designed by Jeffrey Dungan and Dungan-Nequette. https://kristywicks.comWhite beautiful kitchen designed by Jeffrey Dungan and Dungan-Nequette.
source ~ Dungan-Nequette

These are just a few of many Dungan-Nequette designs that pay homage to nature.  All reflect the benefits of using natural materials in almost every state and they always make sure to create enough light for the materials to shine.  There are so many facets and features, textures and characteristics attached to anything that is natural and real…  It’s nice to see them treated with the respect they deserve!



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