Jazz and Wine with Kathy Kuo Home

So excited to be hosting a little ‘Jazz and Wine Soiree’ tonight featuring my new
Art Deco Marble Brass Tray compliments of Kathy Kuo Home.
We are thrilled to have all of our friends over to help us celebrate our daughter’s accomplishments and new venture as she heads off to college. :)
Thanks so much to Kathy Kuo Home for helping make this event
even more beautiful with this lovely tray…
It’s size along with the Marble and Brass adds a note of sophistication to every event!

My friends love it (so much so I think I’ll have to keep an eye on them) and I just know that I’ll be able to enjoy using this classic tray for years to come.

Hope your Friday evening is a special one…
We may miss Emma already but know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  ;)

Cheers To Emma!


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8 thoughts on “Jazz and Wine with Kathy Kuo Home

  1. Your pics are out of this world. I love going through them and on instagram. You should definitely be posted in all those home and decorating magazines. Please keep posting. I love love seeing what you do and the way you put things together. Very inspirational. @FITNESSNLIFETSYLE

    1. Thanks Aline! That is really encouraging and I soooo appreciate all your sweet comments! Made my day! :) xoxo

    1. Hi Donna! Thanks, so do I! I love Pandora’s Jazz stations and flip them all the time. There are so many categories and all are great! Sometimes I’ll start with more of a smooth jazz then switch it up to a more contemporary and/or old school jazz like Dave Brubeck. We usually change depending on the time of the night and the mood. :) Hugs and thanks so much for commenting!