It’s all about Coffee and Interior design with Krystine Edwards

Today I had the distinct pleasure in taking part in fellow Blogger and Realtor, Krystine Edwards’,
‘Guess who’s dropping in for coffee?’ series.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the time to reflect on the creative questions she asked me concerning my background, travels and how this has influenced me and my design choices.

When you have a brief moment I’d love for you to pop over to Krystine’s Blog here to check out the beautiful interview and her other talented posts on Interior Design from a Charleston native’s point of view.
Hugs and Happy Friday! 


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3 thoughts on “It’s all about Coffee and Interior design with Krystine Edwards

    1. Aww… Well, I’m completely honored and feel so touched that you wanted to interview me at all. ;) It’s been incredibly insightful and a great opportunity to think more about my own style and influences. Have a great week and once again thanks! xoxo

  1. Hi Kristy,
    It was interesting hearing about your background since I’ve been following your wonderful blog. I too grew up outside DC in Fairfax, VA. We now live right outside Charleston, SC in Mount Pleasant which reminds me of your Pleasanton. My sister lives in Alamo, small world, huh?
    Have a great Labor Day and hugs to little Cal from our Max,