My Interview with Blogger Jane :)

Happy Saturday!

So excited to be featured and interviewed by New Zealand Blogger, Jane Beckenham from ‘A Home You Love’ today!

It was such a fun experience for me and a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how ‘my design style’ has developed and discuss what I love most in relation to Interior Design…

Check it out and let me know what you think!  :)

Congratulations to Allison A. for winning this week’s Summer Giveaway from Homegoods! :)



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6 thoughts on “My Interview with Blogger Jane :)

  1. I just read your interview over there. Loved it!! I never knew you were a flight attendant….how cool!! And living in Greece, what an experience! I totally understood when you said decorating is ever changing. That’s so true! I tweak and tweak and then tweak some more. Lol! Great interview!!

    1. Thanks Lisa, yes, I was a flight attendant for American Airlines for years and then the past few with Virgin. Loved doing it but I was ready to move on! ;) You are so sweet! Hugs xoxo

  2. Great interview Kristy! Loved learning more about you. What a dream to live in Greece. I would love to visit Greece some day. You must have fallen in love with all of the gorgeous blues and whites there. Your home is so lovely and tranquil. Did you meet your husband while you were a flight attendant? Happy Sunday to you!

    1. Thanks Allison, no Jeff and I met and married before I became a Flight Attendant but we’ve travelled tons because of it. :) I’ve also been able to go with him on work trips for free which is also a plus when he’s in Europe, Singapore, etc. ;) I lived in Greece with my family as a child but have been back several times and we all adore it and love the colors that come from it’s beauty. Thanks for reading and hugs! xoxo

  3. I loved everything about your interview. Your home is beautiful and your passion is inspiring. I started following you on Instagram and now love your blog. So lovely that you share your home and family and the joy it brings.