Keeping my Hydrangeas fresh ~

Happy Weekend everyone!

I’m a big believer in doing everything I can to help my ‘store bought’ and ‘garden grown’ flowers stay as healthy and beautiful as possible…

Here are a few of the all important steps I follow religiously when handling my fresh cut flowers…

Whether I buy them from the store or cut them from my garden I
always place my flowers immediately in water
while deciding which vase to use.
I then make sure to pull all leaves off that may touch the water.
I then finish them off with a hearty cut.
(On recommendation from flower experts I give Roses a diagonal cut at the stem before placing in the vase and with the rest I simply cut straight across)

I love flowers that aren’t too positioned too high in their vase and find that when I cut them a little shorter from the start…
the flowers simply look more full,
compliment the vase even more and are the perfect size to use in almost every setting.

Once your flowers are in their vase and placed in their ‘perfect spot’… your job is not yet finished.

To help my flowers stay beautiful longer I follow 3 important daily steps~
-I cut a quarter of an inch off of the the ends
-remove any leaves that are starting to turn yellow
-and refill the vase with fresh water

This allows your flowers a chance at a healthier extended ‘post cut’ life and keeps them looking
 as gorgeous as possible for as LONG as possible~

Remember… Recycle, REUSE, Reduce!

Below are a couple of photos of my hydrangeas in my hutch from earlier in the week and then a few days later, ‘at home’ outside!
Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! 


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