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How to Transform Your Space With Spring Rugs

One of the easiest ways to update a space for the spring season is to change out an existing area rug and replace it with a new updated style and color rug. This may sound obvious, but many of my friends never think to switch out their rugs. And with things like Bazaar Velvet luxury rugs readily available on the internet, why would you not even consider adding a new beautiful piece of decor to your living space? The beauty of having an area rug is having the ability to swap it out whenever you want. I avoid wall to wall carpet for this very reason. It makes me happy to switch up a room with each passing season and rugs are quite easy to sell on once they have been cleaned properly with the best robot vacuum!

It gets expensive to change out furniture – trust me from experience. ;)

How to Transform Your Space With Spring RugsClick here to shop the striped cotton rug from Annie Selke above, or click through similar looking striped rugs below. Cotton rugs are one of my favorite styles because they fold and store easily!

There are so many different kinds of rugs – indoor/outdoor, cotton, wool, and jute just to name a few. I love all and each one has it’s purpose. Depending on what mood you’re in, you can add color, a fun pattern, or a soft feeling to a space by introducing a new rug to the room.

How to Transform Your Space With Spring RugsClick on the photo below to shop one of my favorite rugs

The bright white rug sitting in my old dining room gave me the much needed contrast against my dark floors. This wool piece from Annie Selke is a little more luxurious than the cotton counterpart. I love it’s soft look and feel.

I have since moved this rug to my master bedroom and love it there. I didn’t order it for this space originally so this is the perfect example of the flexibility that area rugs offer.

How to Transform Your Space With Spring Rugs How to Transform Your Space With Spring RugsI usually shop online for rugs because there are so many options.. between etsy vintage rugs, Annie Selke, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, and Nordstrom – there are so many great retailers to choose from.

How to Transform Your Space With Spring RugsHow to Transform Your Space With Spring RugsHow to Transform Your Space With Spring RugsClick on the photo below to shop my new blush rug

With my new family room, I have gone a little softer in tone. I found that I’m loving neutrals with soft blush accents, grays and whites especially. The Icelandia Pink Slipper Wool Rug from Annie Selke is the perfect touch to add to my family room for spring. It contrasts beautifully with my white walls yet compliments my soft grey sofa. Surprisingly, this is the blush counter part to the White Icelandia rug laying in my bedroom! I rarely choose the same thing twice… I obviously love the style and design. The Icelandia has a beautiful sheen and the subtle grey stripes in both rugs compliment everything in both spaces.

How to Transform Your Space With Spring Rugs

Click here to shop this rug or click on the photos below to shop similar styles

Spring is all about light and bright colors – I introduced this sky blue tone to my former family room space and everyone loved the color. The tiny herringbone pattern was a nice detail that kept it fresh yet classic.

Do you like to change out the rugs in your home? What is your favorite style rug? Let me know in the comments below.

Other rugs that we’re loving for spring:



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  1. Love your rugs? I love anything with a moroccan flavour, bright and colourful. For my main rug its a fake animal skin. Great idea about changing up the rugs i would have never thought of that, but it does make a difference. Thxs?❤️