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https://kristywicks.comI’ve been so excited about the warmer temperatures hitting the SF Bay Area that I feel Spring may last several months this year instead of the usual 2-3…   As a result I’m feeling the itch to decorate with brighter colors earlier than in past years and my newly painted white walls makes it more exciting to introduce change. White paint and a clean slate simply makes it too easy to not switch things up!  ;)  I find myself returning home time and time again with an extra bag or two stuffed full of pillows and home decor every time I run an errand.  My family thinks I’m bananas but they’ll never fully understand why finding a gorgeous blue and white Jacquard pillow ‘makes the room’.   That’s fine with me… ;)

My favorite go to local shopping fix usually takes place at HomeGoods and it’s parent company, TJMAXX.  I love shopping everywhere, even online but there is just something so wonderfully fulfilling about walking into a store of HomeGoods’ size and finding the most current trends selling at unbeatable prices.  I’m a serious shopper and I love all Interior Decor.  I have my Mom’s taste which is a great thing for my home but can come at a steep price if I’m not careful. ;)  The one thing about these large decor stores is that I can almost always find special and unique items inexpensively.  Oftentimes it’s just too good a price to pass up when I find that perfect piece or color I’ve been searching for…  Once I began blogging, HomeGoods began to notice how much much I adored their store and made me an Ambassador.  Now I can hit the store conscience free knowing I have an important purpose…  letting all of you in on the exciting new items they are receiving each new season.  Believe it or not this gives me that added spring to my step as I enter the store…!  Lol.  Yes, really!

Another reason I shop at HomeGoods is because of their customer service.  Their philosophy reminds me so much of Nordrom’s. The sales people at my local store are so sweet and bend over backwards to do whatever they can to help everyone find their ‘steal’ of the day.  I’m amazed and so appreciative of their wonderful patience and willingness to always help.  You don’t find that very often anymore in today’s busy hectic world.  HomeGoods and TJMAXX also make returns very easy and even help you bring larger items to your car.  I welcome the assistance wholeheartedly because I do the majority of my shopping alone and often buy large items.

I thought I’d include a few pictures of some of my favorite pillows and decor to date.  You’ll notice a shaggy gray and white diamond patterned rug in most pictures that  I just purchased this past January for $299.   I told my hubby that the amount was worth the same as 1 run to Costco… We’ve loved the texture and warmth it has provided us during these late winter months.  I do however enjoy switching out my rugs for each season (no surprise) so prepare to see a lighter weight Spring/Summer style showing up soon.  You’ll also notice an abundance of brightly colored pillows on the sofas and chair along with a few decorative books and plates in fun spring like colors…
Can’t stop won’t stop!


https://kristywicks.com https://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.com


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11 thoughts on “HomeGoods Colorful Home Decor

  1. Love your design style. My mom was obsessed but homegoods/tj maxx and I started going over the past year since she passed. I was afraid the employees would think I have a problem because I’m there all the time. Wow, an ambassador to homegoods! Who knew such a position existed.

    1. Right Gioia? ;) My husband laughs that I have been given a title because now I really do have a reason to check in every other day. :) Never worry about how many times you go in… They love it! You are just doing your part and helping the economy. Lol. I love going in these places simply because they are constantly adding to their supply of beautiful things. Happy Friday! xo

    1. Hi Carol. I just went with Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee. I find it doesn’t come off yellowy nor cold. ;) Hugs! xo

  2. Well, silly me, I thought your home was already bright and cheerful and Spring-like! Your home always looks so gorgeous, Kristy! You really know how to carry off color better than anyone I know! I really enjoy going to HGs, too, and they are lucky to have you as one of their Ambassadors.

    1. Thank you Carol! Keeping my interior colors light and bright is such a necessity for me… ;) It definitely helps pick up my moods and by bringing the outside in I feel it’s summer year round. ;) Happy Friday to you and thanks so much again! xoxo

  3. Hi Kristy! Your HomeGoods Happy Home makes me happy too!. It helps my moody snowy winter blues here in Michigan too! :)


  4. Hey pretty lady! I found you via IG and had to have a peek at your blog. Oh…Homegoods, there are no words! I truly have heart palpations when I walk in! My daughter has a degree in Interior Design and we simply have a ball picking out pieces for her home and mine!

    Love your rug and bright pillows! Your pups are darling, too!

    Stop by for a visit!

    Jane x