Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


It’s been such a fun week showing off my ‘Summer Home Tour’ and reading everyone’s sweet comments about my Home…

I’m so encouraged and being the new ‘blogger on the block’, it means the world to me to know the support I have.

I’d like to post whenever possible throughout the weekdays…

Some days I’ll just connect by saying ‘Hi’ and on others I’ll have more exciting projects for you to read about.

I hope you’re okay with this plan because that’s really who I am.

I took this picture of my kitchen today because it made me so happy walking in and seeing how gorgeous my fresh hydrangeas looked. 

Corny as that sounds, it’s true. :)

For me it really can be about the simple things

I cut them yesterday from my garden and I’m loving the full blooms

and the bright color.

It’s amazing how long these flowers can last when they are freshly cut.

Sometimes I can get a good 10 days or more out of them!

I simply change the water and give them a little snip at the end of the stem daily so it gives them an easier time to absorb the fresh water.

Not sure what the experts would say…

That’s just how I’ve always done it and it’s worked for me. ;)

The other Bloggers in my tour have inspired me a great deal!

I love looking at their homes every day and I’m enjoying the sneak peek to how people decorate differently.

I’m so excited because after viewing some of the homes on the Tour I’ve decided to undertake a new project in my family room. (Yay!)

One I’ve wanted to do for quite awhile. :)

I’ll be filling you in a little more about this tomorrow so keep an eye out.

Enjoy your day and once again… Thank You for all your support!




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6 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!

  1. Ohmigosh! Did you paint those chairs? And if so, do tell with what??!! That patina is stunning! Reminds me of opals =) Very Happy colors!

    1. Hi Janet! :) I DID paint the barstools. I used a combination of whatever paint I had left in my home if you can believe it. I used Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee semi gloss, Martha Stewart Lightstrokes Paint in ‘Crestwave’ and then a little of a charcoal paint and a stone paint from some sample jars from Restoration Hardware. I don’t have any rhyme or reason as to how I do it but here goes… ;) I get a damp rag and swipe on and then rub around until I like it. Afterward I sand edges for a little rustic look and then I put on a clear satin topcoat. Thanks for commenting! :) happy Friday!

  2. Kristy, Love WicksNest! Stunning kitchen. My 11yr old daughter saw this photo and said Wow, that kitchen is soooo pretty, looks like it should be in a magazine! You have inspired me today!

    1. Soooo fun seeing you at Starbucks this morning! You are so sweet (we need to get together with Tracy soon!) and your daughter is adorable. (I wish I was in a mag! Ha!) Thanks again and hugs to all of you! xoxo

  3. I saw your lovely home over at House of Turquoise and fell in love with your tufted sofa. May I ask where you got it?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Erin, thanks so much for the comment! :) I am overwhelmed with excitement that Erin showed my home on her gorgeous blog. I’m a huge fan of ‘House of Turquoise’! My sofa is from Ethan Allen and I just had it reupholstered by my sweet friend, Carlos who does gorgeous work. (He is the BEST!!!) He reupholstered it in a beautiful velvet fabric from Calico Corners. Thanks so much for noticing it. I love it too!