Sunday Flowers

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone has been having a beautiful weekend!
Once my daughter left for College on Friday I’ve just been trying to relax a bit and enjoy the simple things around my home and sweet town…
It’s nice to be reminded of the ‘good’ things I have in my life and appreciate every moment.

I have some wonderful photos of our local Farmer’s Market that I hit on Saturday.
I’ll share those with you later this week. :)
Do you have a Farmer’s Market in your town or nearby?
It’s incredibly fun seeing everyone from Pleasanton and smelling the yummy goods all the local farmers have grown.  :)

Saturdays view of my Farmer’s Market flower find ~

https://kristywicks.comSunday morning’s view of my beautiful Kathy Kuo Home Art Deco Tray ~
(I just love this piece!)
Off to enjoy this gorgeous weather, have a great rest of your weekend!


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8 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers

  1. These are beautiful pictures, what camera do you use? Do you also use filters, you pictures are soooo beautiful along with your lovely house.

    1. Hi Dini! Thanks so much! I use my iphone and I really need another camera! It’s hard to get the lighting just right so I usually take tons of pics! ;) No filters but I definitely edit the lighting to make things brighter and clearer. I find that filters make these fuzzy. :) Hope that helps! Hugs, xoxo

  2. Your photography is always excellent and captures the light perfectly. I am surprised your pictures are with your iPhone. Just think what you could do with a regular camera! Your staging and lighting of your pictures is an art in itself besides the lovely items in the photographs.

    1. Ahhh Rebecca! ;) EXACTLY what I told my hubby the other day! I NEED a new camera! LOL. It’s tough taking so many pics to try and fix the lighting and angles. Especially when I have NO idea what I’m doing! ;) Thanks so much for your input… I’ll def pass on to Jeff. :D xoxo

  3. Those flowers are stunning! I work from home and have to have flowers every week whether from the garden, farmers market or TJ’s. My own little happy bright spot! I agree, love your pictures and the staging.

    1. That is so sweet! I love the Farmer’s Market and flowers are a must from my garden or wherever I can grap them. ;) Hugs Jilly! xo