Happy National Love Your Pet Day!

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!Whoever created ‘National Love Your Pet Day’ is a genius! I don’t know about you, but the pets in my life have made a huge difference in my happiness level.

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!Emma hugging Maggie.. so sweet. Of course we are working hard in or ‘office’ ;)

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!Never far from Jeff…

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!Last year, we were so fortunate to be able to adopt Maggie from The Cavalier Rescue USA Organization. She has been the light in our lives that we never realized we were missing. After our previous cavalier, Cal, passed away two years ago – we always knew we would adopt again but we didn’t have a set date in mind. Things work out the way they should as they say… Meeting Maggie changed our lives forever.  Click here to read more about Maggie’s adoption story.

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!Happy National Love Your Pet Day!Maggie’s personality is just the sweetest – she’s a little nervous when meeting someone new, but after a few minutes of interacting she always becomes your biggest fan. She loves a warm lap, cuddling against Jeff and Emma, and going for long walks on the beach. ;) (Lol.. But seriously, she appreciates every little moment because now she gets to live life to the fullest!)

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!We spoil Maggie as often as we can in a multitude of ways. She pre-packaged fresh food that is cooked and delivered every two weeks, monthly grooming appt’s with the sweetest portable groomer who comes to our home, and she sleeps right next to us every night.. unless of course Emma is visiting. I know who comes first in Maggie’s eyes. ;)

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!We began using The Farmer’s Dog recently after they reached out to me. I was thrilled because I wasn’t aware that there are specialty pet food companies who sell pre-packed fresh food made with vitamins, etc. specifically for dogs. Maggie is obsessed with it and if you have ever watched any of my stories, then you already know how she “dances” and howls for her food. (She does this all on her own.. so cute!)  Click here to learn more about the food we order and serve to Maggie.

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!Happy National Love Your Pet Day!MacKenzie-Childs is so sweet. I collaborate with them often because I love their beautiful hand-painted products. The other day, I received a huge package in the mail that I wasn’t expecting – and it was full goodies just for Maggie! Included were two gorgeous enamel dog bowls, a leash (which is on sale for 50% off!), dog collar, placemat, and travel dog bed. They included a note that wished Maggie a Happy National “Love Your Pet” Day.. it was so thoughtful of them! (This isn’t sponsored, just wanted to celebrate the kindness of others). I may be hosting a little giveaway with a couple of these items – so make sure to look for that in my stories soon.

How do you celebrate your pet? Tell me a quick sweet story about why you love your pet so much in the comments below! I honestly don’t know where we would be without Maggie’s love. 



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12 thoughts on “Happy National Love Your Pet Day!

  1. My babies.Tia and Akira;Tia came to me when I needed her the most my only child was getting so busy with school work social life that I felt so alone so she decided to get me a puppy. Akira we rescued her 2 years ago.

  2. I think Maggie is adorable and I can see how much you love her. I have two Bichon Frise, Sabine and Bentley. In 1993, I met a little girl in France named Sabine. I loved the name and told myself, if I ever have a girl, I would name her Sabine. Flash forward, no kids but I got a little Bichon girl and she got her name. Five years later I one of her grandsons, Bentley. They are my children. I am going to try Farmers Dog.
    I enjoy your posts very much.

  3. Oh where to begin..ha. I currently have three adorable fur babies in my life! I cannot fathom not having a pet in my home. My pets have been with me through all of life’s ups and downs (most recently the passing of my father). They truly have a special gift when someone is experiencing grief. My babies are spoiled & I often have comments that some wish to come back in their next life as my Maggie is beyond precious by the way. I really want to rescue now that my eyes are open to how many toy breeds (especially in the US) are really available.

  4. Maggie is precious! This post made me teary eyed-so thankful you adopted her!
    We adopted a Boston Terrier,Molly in 2012,from ARRF. I grew up around them at my grandfathers home & she brings me such sweet memories of him.
    The neat story to getting her….I’m a licensed optician & met a veterinarian(On a saturday) whom spays and neuters for ARRF. ,She was showing me pictures of her animals & some being BostonT. I explained how I wanted one so badly. She told me to look up ARRF. So,I started browsing & wasn’t having in luck.I knew when the time was right,we would find the dog for us.So I did not stress about it. I went back to work on Thurs. & she calls me saying that a Female Boston terrier just came in! Short story,She brought her to my work so I could meet her & it was love at first sight!! I knew then I was going to be her mommy & she did too! I think its wonderful how God works his magic. I met that lady on purpose that day! He chose Molly just for us.
    I surprised our girls with Molly-their first dog! Our oldest,at that time was 6yrs old, exclaimed,” Can we keep her?!” We just laughed. Its still something we giggle about.
    Molly is wonderful! She loves car rides-especially picking the girls up from school.Gets treats at the drive thru Bank window(Lol), going for walks with her family& just being where we are.You will find her always near! She loves to cuddle.I can’t imagine life without our little sweetie.I always tell her she will never have another bad day! She is so loved.
    Thank you for sharing Maggie with us.She is precious!

  5. Fur babies are the best and bring us such joy.
    We have 5 rescue dogs who take a ton of time and money but we love it!

    They love unconditionally and seem so grateful to be rescued (2 were a senior bonded pair taken from an unsafe home) and are just content to be here and loved!

    Maggie is lucky but you are the truly lucky ones to have her!

  6. Maggie is so cute , actually I am looking for a kind of friendly dog specially with children and i hope i can find one???❤️

  7. So happy that you & Jeff adopted Maggie! We unfortunately lost our house in the Wildfires in October here in Wine Country. My two sons and husband worked so hard to save our 3 cats, yellow lab & tarantula Charlotte! They’ve been so instrumental in our healing process & we are so grateful that we have them to love!

  8. I have two Cavaliers, Watson (who’s 5th birthday was yesterday) and Charlotte Grace, who is 2. We are members of the Cavalier Rescue of Alabama and the Cavalier group in Birmingham and have made so many dog and people friends from these wonderful pups. They are the most gentle and loving breed and are my heart and soul. Can’t imagine life without them! Oh! And they love Mackenzie Child’s too! They have the same dog bowls!!