Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Father’s Day today!
Jeff has opened all his fun presents ~

  • Vineyard Vines Polo shirt – from Emma of course! ;)
  • igrill temp reader from Apple – we need to keep this man cooking! :)
  • Homegoods Pool Float – to remind him to relax and enjoy the good life  

Our ‘Grand Plan‘ for the day???

A WHOLE lot of nothing!  :)

We’re smoking some Pulled Pork with Jeff’s special ‘Rub’ and serving that with our infamous ‘Wicks Party Potatoes’ and Spinach Salad later for dinner.
(Recipe on the Blog tomorrow)

While the food is getting prepared throughout the day we’ll simply be relaxing by the pool and loving the family we have…

Hope you have a wonderful day as well… it’s a very special day celebrating the sweet men in our lives – past and present. :)  

Hugs to all of you and Cheers to Dads everywhere…  xo



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