Coffee by the Pool

Great days start with a great view…

This morning I just wasn’t feeling the day… rather than adopting this attitude I decided I needed to change my perspective!

It’s amazing what a better outlook and a change of view can do for a person.  I took myself out back, cut a pretty bouquet of roses and jasmine, grabbed a cup of coffee along with a bowl of peaches.

I felt so much better once I sat down that I grabbed my phone and took a few shots. :)

Hopefully this will make your day a little more beautiful as well! Happy Wednesday!

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11 thoughts on “Coffee by the Pool

  1. Such a beautiful yard Kristy! Love the pool tile.
    Is that tray you are using for your peaches still available anywhere?
    Have a great day,

    1. Hi Susan, Yes the tray is from HomeGoods and I’ve seen it off and on. Everything goes pretty quickly so if you see something you like… make sure to grab it! :) Thanks for the sweet comments and Happy Friday! xo

    1. Sooo glad! I love posting pics of anything pretty so if it’s looking good, watch out! ;) Have a great Friday and thanks so much Laura! xo

    1. It was ONE of those mornings Jen and I decided I was going to take charge! ;) Peaches and all… LOL. Thanks, you’re the best. Hugs and let’s catch up soon! xo

  2. This is wonderful example of living beautifully everyday!! It’s our choice, not always easy to do,but I’m always better when I change my perspective! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!

    1. You seem like the kind of person who always looks at the positive Noelle! :) Thanks for commenting and brightening up my day. You are so sweet and I’m so glad you’ve won a Giveaway! Happy Friday and Hugs! xo