Giving Dogs a Second Chance

Meet Moose… If he looks as if he’s rolling his eyes at you then he probably is. ❤
source ~ @SomewhereOnMain 

This sweet elderly gentle boy belongs to Karen from @somewhereonmain on Instagram – an angel for all pets. This incredible mom of four (and Moose) takes in dogs no one else wants and often times finds themselves on their last day of hope.  This beautiful family opens their hearts, home and time to helping these sweet innocent animals become adoptable.
Many of the Labs that Karen adopts are senior with health issues either as a result from old age, abuse or being used primarily for puppy mill breeding.
I love that this special family has such giving hearts.  I began following Karen when she took in Twila, a beautiful yellow lab who was only kept alive for breeding and needed help. They also took in Blaze who needed help strengthening his legs. This family, as a whole took him to water therapy for as many days and weeks that were needed to help him walk again. ❤️
How incredible is this?!  For every sweet dog they take in they find the most amazing family to adopt them once they are healthy and ready.
Such a difficult thing to fall in love with a dog only to have to say goodbye but Karen has the right attitude and stays strong for everyone. Moose is always involved and included.  Love that!!
Thank you so much Karen for being so selfless and helping those who have no other lifeline… ❤️

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