Getting My Rear In Gear This January
January is my all time favorite month to slow down and reflect on myself and everything that I want to accomplish throughout the new year. Like many of you, I begin this self discovery journey at the gym. My house has been full of guests this past holiday month and as a result I’ve put myself on the back-burner.  I’ve dropped all my good habits (gym included) and I haven’t done anything even remotely healthy in what seems like forever.

https://kristywicks.comWith my daughter having just left for college this morning and with everyone getting back to their routines, I’ve found myself with an empty house and an entire day to think.  Quiet can be a good thing…   It forces me to look within and think of ways I can make things better...  Better at home, better at work and last but not least, better for me.  Heading back to my favorite ‘me’ place, the gym, has encouraged me in my quest to shift my habits. Working out not only clears my mind but I find that it helps me approach everything in a much more positive and productive way.  Love that and I love that it’s ok to start over with a new slate each and every year.  ;)

https://kristywicks.comJanuary is not only my favorite month for strategizing and strengthening personal goals but it also happens to be my birthday month…  Yay! Nothing like gaining a year in age to help remind you of what’s most important.
As I’m looking forward to pushing myself to try new things in both work and healthI encourage you to do the same.  Change doesn’t need to be major nor happen overnight… baby steps work just as well.  ;)

Hugs and Happy New Year everyone!




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13 thoughts on “Getting My Rear In Gear This January

  1. Well, my friend… I’m one of the few that aren’t heading to the gym for “me” time lol (I’m not done having fun and pigging out) but I totally get it. The beginning of the year is always a great time to start personal goals. Mine, is one that I have talked about and put off FOR MANY YEARS- to paint my walls! I think I’ve seen you paint yours twice already and I still haven’t picked up a paintbrush lol. Anyway have a good birthday month and looking forward to keeping in touch thru IG another year.

    1. Aww Oscar… Thanks for dropping by sweet friend! I’m honored. I may not be the best example when it comes to painting… you know how much I’m always changing everything. POOR Jeff! :) I love everything you are doing and I’m so happy to have connected with you in this crazy social media world. We will have to shop together one of these days. :D I have a feeling we would have a blast! ;) Hugs and Happy Weekend cutie! xoxo

  2. Loving the beautiful cool tones in your home and your family looks so lovely and serene! I’m really enjoying the new patterned yoga pants that are out…..finally something other than black! And I am swooning over the cute strapless and open toed mules!

    1. I am too!! Thanks so much for your sweet words regarding my Family room..
      I had to get a few of the patterned yoga pants just to break me from my black mode. ;) Why do I always go for black when I’m really a lover of color? Hugs and Happy Monday! xo

    1. Hi MaryAnn, The white rug was purchased for the winter months from HomeGoods. It was a great price at $299? Love it and at that price I didn’t stress about it getting dirty. Hugs and Happy Monday… xo

  3. Happy Birthday Kristy! I’m a January birthday as well (the 2nd). I struggle with making habits about working out, getting enough sleep and eating healthy, but manage to spend quite a bit of time on the things that really do interest me! Need to try to balance that out a bit :-)

    1. Hi Deb! Happy Birthday to you… It sounds like we are so similar in terms of how we approach our habits. ;) I’m trying hard to push myself and I think having a January birthday probably inspires me even more. Hugs to you and thanks so much for dropping by! xoxo

  4. Can I ask where you got the curtains in the dining room and the throw pillows on the couch? They are beautiful !!

    1. Hi Savannah, The curtains in my dining room are from Homegoods. They were just $29 a set (There were 2 panels in each set and I have 4 panels hanging in that space to make them look more full… it’s a large wall space) The sofa pillows were made from an extra panel set that I also bought so I could match the dining room. :) Hope that helps and thank you! xo

  5. Thank you so much for the information. I have one additiona question…do you know the brand and/or design of the curtains? I was hoping to locate them somewhere online as my local home goods doesn’t have anything close to these. Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Hi Savannah… The panels are Cynthia Rowley. 52 x 96 in size and I bought 3 sets pf 2 panels to have extra fabric for pillows and to lengthen 4 of the panels for my 10 ft ceilings. I haven’t seen them since! :(