Find your next Holiday Gift with my Friday Favorite, The Vintage Home Studio

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so excited to tell you about this beautiful gift towel which I have just received from the sweet Michelle Gann, owner of  The Vintage Home Studio.
I am overwhelmed with the kindness of so many on Instagram.  Michelle from @thevintagehomestudio reached out to me to let me know that she had something special that she wanted to send to me.  The fact that she did this without having ever met me is amazing enough and then to send a gift that was steered specifically toward my taste and home is just incredible.  I am reminded to be appreciative of the incredible social networking community which has become such a large part of my work and life.

Michelle makes gorgeous handmade kitchen and gift towels with fabrics and trim that are beautiful and perfect for each and every individual’s taste and home. These are so special and the perfect Holiday gift for the upcoming season for anyone who appreciates special handmade items that are actually useful.

Michelle is a self professed lover of, “all things vintage, and everything that makes a house a home while mixing it up.”  She is “always looking to connect with other artists who are passionate, encouraging and supportive about their work and life… but don’t take it too seriously and love what they do!”.

I love that!

Michelle then goes on to explain that the way she operates is by buying a ‘ton of fabric, maybe 10 different patterns’ which she then uses to make a ‘big batch of towels’ to sell through her Etsy shop, her Instagram @thevintagehomestudio and then her home shop as well.  She never reorders the same fabric because she feels there are just too many beautiful choices of fabrics out there and she loves keeping things ‘fresh’.

You can reach Michelle through her website or Etsy for orders… She is also on Facebook  and Instagram where she has a shop available to link to at @shopthevintagehomestudio which shows many of the towels and pieces she is currently selling.

I’ve included a few of Michelle’s photos of her work here… Love the sweet towels that she makes along with her personalized cute tag.  :)

Have fun taking a peek into her sweet talent and have a beautiful Friday!
Hugs! xo


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