Front Door Lighting Tips

Front Door Lighting Tips
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Through my home renovation process I’ve discovered easy front door lighting tips and rules to follow when choosing outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is one of the simplest of ways to update and provide more character to a home. With so many styles and price ranges available it’s a feature many can tackle without having to go overboard. Did you know that size really does matter when it comes to choosing your outdoor lights? I didn’t! Although, I didn’t even know anything about Mood Lighting and smart home lighting automation, so I think it’s clear that I’m no technology wizard!

Front Door Lighting Tips
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The exterior view is the first impression people have of our homes. Curb appeal sets the mood. How your home is dressed matters significantly. I appreciate homes that are well maintained with all details taken into account… From the garden to the walkway, even the lighting, all should matter. A well-lit home appears welcoming and cozy. While trying to make my newly renovated home truly mine, I’ve tackled the process of changing all the exterior lights. I discovered that some of my lights weren’t working properly and then I found that they were sized a little small for my front door. Thus the search to learn the tips and rules for choosing my outdoor lighting began.

Front Door Lighting Tips ~

What kind of exterior lighting are you looking for?

Exterior lighting doesn’t necessarily mean fully exterior… You have variations of exposure to consider – (I never really thought about this before…)

Damp-rated – Porch or covered spaces with limited water exposure

Wet-Rated – All doors open to wet elements like rain, snow or fog. Garage, side or back of the house are good examples.

Front Door Lighting Tips

LED or incandescent lighting?

Are you concerned with your energy bill? I live in California where everything is turning toward LED. Soon we won’t have access to buying any regular lightbulbs so it was very important for me to look for an LED light specifically. LED are more energy efficient because they use a much lower voltage and a definite plus is that they should last a life time without needing to be replaced.

A technical tip reminder for purchasing LED – Color temperature is very important. If you want the same warm glow as an incandescent, make sure to buy a light or bulb with a color temperature of 2700K or less. Anything higher will look more crisp and white and even more blue toward 4000-5000K.

What size light should you buy?

Most people buy lights that are too small for their homes. The saying, “Go big or go home” really applies to outdoor lighting. While it’s nearly impossible to go too large, there are a few simple rules most agree on…

If a single side lantern is used, the piece should be approximately one-third the height of the door.

If two lights are used on either side of a door, the pieces used can be slightly smaller, say one-quarter the height of the entryway. Via ~ Lamps Plus

Front Door Lighting Tips
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If your door has little surrounding space or a tight overhang – 1 light

For doors that have a tight overhang or limited space on both sides you will only want to hang 1 light. You can either place a sconce on one side of the door or go with a flush mount directly above. Both work depending on the space and overall look you are going for.

The general rule of thumb is.. if you have only 1 sconce you should hang it on the door knob side for a well-lit viewing for entering the home.

Front Door Lighting Tips
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If you have a door with a symmetrical entry you should consider – 2 lights

If you are lucky enough to have a symmetrical entry than 2 sconces look best. Make sure to place them between 6-12 inches from the casing. There is nothing like a front door with 2 very large beautiful sconces flanking it. What a statement!

Front D
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Front Door Lighting Tips
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If you have enough height above your front door you may want to consider adding a hanging pendant.

Pendants can be paired with or without sconces. They are a beautiful alternative to using a simple flush mount.

Front Door Lighting Tips
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Front Door Lighting Tips
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I hope these easy front door lighting tips help you as uch as they did me… Remember, the most important thing is trying to get it right. Your home is where the heart is as they say. xo


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8 thoughts on “Front Door Lighting Tips

  1. Great tips! I just recently added new outdoor lights to our house and went very big ! I was afraid at first but now love the statement that they make.

  2. Thanks. I was going to buy a wall sconce for my front door that would have been too small. I now see what you mean. A tall one would look much better. It would make more pf a welcoming statement.