Shopping Pleasanton Farmers’ Market

So happy to live in a town that has one of the greatest Farmers’ Markets every Saturday year round.

Every Saturday morning without fail my family and I head down to Main Street to hit our incredible Farmers’ Market, grab a quick breakfast and take the opportunity to catch up with all of our neighbors while duking it out over who gets the best looking ‘tomato’.  ;)

The Pleasanton Farmers’ Market has a huge variety of venders selling everything from nuts, organic fruit and veggies, flowers, jams, fresh fish, bakery items, the world’s best Kettle Corn, rotisserie chicken (to die for), the best corn salad around, knife sharpening and even free entertainment provided by a singing cowboy!

I never leave without an armful of flowers along with Saturday night’s dinner…
Prepare yourself for an onslaught of pictures!
We just have too many wonderful booths to not include as many as possible. :)

Headed back tomorrow and I cannot wait!

Happy Weekend shopping to ALL!



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20 thoughts on “Shopping Pleasanton Farmers’ Market

  1. Hi Kristy, love you farmers market photos and interior design blog posts as well!!!
    Hope to see you soon,
    Michelle (Raymond’s friends)

    1. Hi Michelle! :) So happy you’ve checked out my blog! So fun and I’m really honored that you like! Hope you’re doing well… we’re really looking forward to Raymond’s visit next week. :) Hugs and thanks so much for commenting! xoxo

  2. Great pictures! So vivid! Seems like a wonderful selection- you sure are lucky.
    And I thought our Sunday market in San Clemente was good!!!

    1. Thanks Krystine! You’re so sweet! It’s quite a large market for a small town… Hard to not walk away with an armful of goodies! Have a great Saturday! Hugs! xo

    1. Isn’t it Carol Jane? I love our Farmers’ Market and can’t believe the abundance of ripe fruits and veggies. Everything is so beautiful and the venders are wonderful to work with… Thank You! Hugs, xoxo

  3. Hi Kristy, OH my Goodness!! Your photos made me STOP my work and post a comment. I must say you are such an asset to the BEAUTIFUL town of Pleasanton, Ca. I so enjoyed drooling over all the mouth watering fresh vegetables you showcased in your Farmers Market Post. I have recently taken up the Art of Fermenting Vegetables…..I was going crazy with the possibilities of all the different FERMENTED CREATIONS I could dream up with what’s available at the Pleasanton Farmers Market. Wel, lback to my first passion……Grooming. Hugs & Kisses to your precious lil “Cal”.
    GROOM-A-PET Mobile.

    1. Hi Patricia! Yay! Soooo HAPPY you dropped by and peeked at my little Blog. ;) You are so sweet and supportive!
      Thank you so very much for commenting… it’s people like and all my amazing readers you who make this all the worth while.
      See you Tuesday night! I know Cal can’t wait! :) Hugs dear friend… xoxo

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! You are so lucky to have a farmers market of that magnitude so close by…. It sure makes you want to rise and shine on a Saturday morning….. I am a foodie and I am so jealous! I look forward to your posts and pics…. Makes my day and I am totally ready to redorcorate with your sunny California colors… My house currently is done in dark warm colors….. I want to go cool and cozy colors …. Currently entertaining a new color palate…..just stopped at Renovation Hardware to get some paint swatches… Definitely picked up the ones that you use in your home….just trying to come up with a plan of what goes where and then let the design unfold as I see inspirational pieces! Thank you for the inspiration that you provide in your posts and pics :) I look forward to them!

    1. That’s great Mari! RH is a great resource for paints… On my Pinterest board I also have some similar blues and colors from Benjamin Moore that I’m liking as well so definitely check them out. Please let me know what you do! :)
      I am always entertaining mixing things up as it energizes me and my family. Besides, I love having new projects to talk about and my friends and I have a ball on our Monday night get togethers watching our fun ‘Bachelor’ shows (I now … totally bad! Lol) and looking at what I’ve done most recently.
      Hugs and Good Luck! xoxo

  5. Love San Francisco Farmers Market. Been there ones. But we are from Norway and could not bring the fresh stoff With us. Enjoy!!! Lise

    1. The markets are so beautiful aren’t they Lise? So happy you’ve commented! I can only imagine the goodies at the markets in Norway! I’d want to bring home all the amazing fresh fish but like you wouldn’t be able to. Thanks so much for looking at my Blog and responding. I love hearing what all of you have to say. Hugs and have a beautiful Thursday! xo

  6. Wow you’re so lucky to live in such a nice neighbourhood. I love farmers markets. Thanks for sharing your sat. Outing. So much fun?❤️