Fresh Spring Pillow Styles

KRISTY WICKSSpring is one of my favorite times to update my home with fresh Spring pillow styles full of color and soft designs. Everywhere you look colors are exploding… My Cherry tree has even gotten into the act by bursting forth a new coat of pale pink petals this weekend.  So many in fact that my pool is now completely covered in what looks like a live floral quilt.  My husband may not be as happy with the cleanup but how could this accidental splash of color not be appreciated?  ;)

New seasons give us the opportunity to make a few changes and pillows are simply one of the easiest and most affordable ways in which I update my home.  Spring with it’s positive outlook and brighter days encourages me to try new colors and designs.  This year I have been seeing so many different looks that it seems as if everything is ‘in’.  There’s an abundance of garden botanicals, colorful bird and butterfly patterns as well as a huge influx of global influences reflected through the gorgeous Indian and Japanese designs. Geometric styles are still as hot as ever with a vast amount of dots, checks, stripes, Greek key and fret patterns.  I’m loving the way abstract art has made it’s way on to pillows making them a fun piece to layer with the more detailed, busier designs.  There is definitely something for everyone and in every price range.  My kind of heaven to say the least.  ;)

via ~ House of Jade

Via ~ Bek Design

Via ~ Studio Mcgee

One of the questions I am asked over and over again is what do I do with all the pillows I’m not using?  To be completely  honest… I have quite a few covers.  As a result, I have found that the best way for me to be able to keep up with my pillow addiction without being buried alive…  is to order only the covers whenever possible and only keep the specific amount of inserts required for my home.  I then throw the rest away.  All remaining pillow covers I am currently not using are then folded and stacked by color within my linen closet.  I have found that this is the best way to coordinate my obsession.  I not only save space with this method but it allows me to see everything I have in a neat and orderly manner.  So important! :)

via ~ Becki Owens

This Spring make sure to take a look around and take note of the many fresh Spring Pillows  designs and patterns the new year has sprouted…  There are so many ways to add interest and texture to our homes… pillows being the simplest.

Have a wonderful day!

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Spring Pillow Styles

  1. I definitely have a bit of a pillow obsession. Such an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a room! I have to be careful not to get too carried away. Every time I walk into TJ Maxx Home Goods I find more that I want! Or Calico Corners always inspires me with their beautiful fabrics! Even Target and Cost Plus have cute ones! I can always find a cute pillow somewhere!!