My Friday Favorite… Instagram’s @BedfordRose

Happy Friday!
I’m so excited to be able to share with you a little about one of the sweetest girls behind one of my favorite feeds on Instagram, Diana Rose Spier of @bedfordrose.

Diana is honestly one of the most positive and creative people I’ve come across with my venture into the Interior Design world of Instagram.
As an onlooker she fills my days with her colorful photos of her beautiful life and home in Bedford, New York.
I’m never disappointed with her ‘peek’ of the day.
Diana loves the richness of color and her Instagram Feed is dripping with it.

I’m so lucky that I was able to get a hold of Diana yesterday to ask her 5 questions about herself and her interior design style.
Can’t wait to share it with you…
So I invite you to sit back and take a moment to enjoy this gorgeous girl’s happy life in both her words and photos.

Wicks Nest~

Where did you learn how to decorate the way you do?

Diana ~
I learned how to decorate by finding inspiration through family, friends, places I’ve visited, past experiences, Instagram, Pinterest, you ;) etc. and I then incorporated them into my home in a comfortable livable way.

Wicks Nest~
Love all the color in your photos. What is our favorite color and how does your husband feel about your bright and cheery home? ;)

My favorite color is hands down the turquoise in my living room I painted when we first moved into our house (and where we spend most of our time).
I was inspired by one of the wall colors at our wedding venue, an 18th century manor, in southern Maryland (wedding photo is included here).
My husband loves it, he is super supportive.
His encouragement keeps me always working on my next project.

Wicks Nest~
How would you describe your style?

I’d describe my decorating style as classic and traditional pieces combined with bright colors and contemporary patterns.

Wicks Nest~
Do you garden?
I’m in love with your yard and all the flowers and fields of grass that surround your home.

I’m learning to garden!
My Mom has a bit of a green thumb, so she has taught me everything I know.
The landscaping around our house is still a work in progress.
Our house (yard included) needed some TLC when we moved in…
it’s been a labour of love and we are slowly trying to chip away at it.
I’m fortunate to live in beautiful Bedford, NY where I can capture many breathtaking photos of the surrounding farmland/rural landscaping.

Wicks Nest~
What inspires you?

So many things inspire me!
Color, color, color.
Recently definitely Instagram, yourself included!
I enjoy following a variety of interior designers, magazines, etc. and of course, all things blue and white.

I want to thank Diana for allowing us the opportunity to take a little peek into her colorful world…
Have a spectacular weekend everyone!
Hugs! xo

https://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.com IMG_9783 IMG_9793
Photos courtesy of Bedford Rose.


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4 thoughts on “My Friday Favorite… Instagram’s @BedfordRose

    1. I agree Alicia! Diana has such a beautiful home… and you can tell by her outlook. :) Thanks for taking a peek! Have a great weekend! xoxo

    1. Hi Diane! I wish she did but no… She is so talented and full of style too. Thanks for checking out her lovely home and for visiting. :) Happy Monday! xo