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I have finally discovered all I need to know regarding the Fiddle Leaf Fig love & care with help from all of you… This morning I posted about my search for the elusive Fiddle Leaf Fig and mentioned that I have yet to find one in my local stores as they have become the hottest indoor tree out there. As soon as these trees arrive in the stores.. they sell out immediately. My followers were quick to respond with great ideas on where to purchase these popular trees as well as tips on how to care for them. A lot of people are wanting to get indoor plants for their house, so if this is something that you are interested in, then it might be a good idea to find out how you can properly look after them (click here for more information).

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | KRISTY WICKS
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | KRISTY WICKS
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | KRISTY WICKS
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I had previously looked at my local Home Depot, Lowe’s, and even my favorite nursery with no luck. What I had never considered was the possibility of ordering one online. Many mentioned that they ordered their trees from Amazon and Home Depot (with free shipping included) while others had their local nursery order one for them. Not only did they arrive quickly but in great shape. Leave it to all of YOU to have the best ideas!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | KRISTY WICKSFiddle Leaf Fig Tree | KRISTY WICKS
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | KRISTY WICKS
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | KRISTY WICKS
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I love the beautiful foliage on these trees. The contrast between the skinny trunk and the wide glossy green leaves adds so much in terms of texture and life to every space. My home, painted all white is the perfect backdrop for a Fiddle Fig. While I’m tempted to order one online I think I’ll keep looking locally as I want to pick out a specific shape and height. If all else fails and I can’t find what I’m looking for then I’ll simply order one online. With so many wonderful tips given from readers on how to keep these sensitive, fickle trees healthy and happy… I’ve decided to list ALL for you below.

Can’t wait to see if any of these work once I find a tree. Wish me luck!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care Tips ~

  • When ordering your tree understand that there are 2 kinds… Order the ‘skinny trunk’ that opens with full leaves at the top. The ‘Column’ has leaves that grow all the way down.
  • Transplant your fig tree as soon as you bring it home into a larger pot. (double the size it came in)

    While some say to add new soil 2 ” of fresh organic soil at the bottom and sides,

    others recommend covering 1/3 of the bottom of a new pot with Styrofoam peanuts for better drainage… then 2/3 of a good potting mix. The peanuts prevent over watering and don’t deteriorate. The pot is also lighter and easy to move.

  • They love the sunlight but not too much direct sunlight as it can burn their leaves.
  • Water deeply once a week (some water twice) and many swear by using filtered/distilled water saying that regular water can cause brown spots? Make sure not to saturate your tree too much. Good drainage is important.

    Some recommend watering every other week during the Winter (Dec – Feb) but that may depend more on where you live and the temperatures in your area.

  • Feed your plant for a healthier and happier tree with every watering with ‘Liquid Molasses’ that you can buy at local nursery and ‘Superthrive’, a vitamin solution the you can either order online or get at Home Depot or Lowe’s.
    To do this ~ simply fill a gallon container 1/2 with water then add these 2 products into it. Your plants will Love you for it.


    Feed your plant Jack’s Classic Houseplant Special 15-30-15 Water Soluble Plant Food with 1/2 Gallon Distilled water.

  • Don’t move your tree around the house often. That way they can adapt to their setting.
  • Dust leaves often
  • Fiddle Fig roots grow in a circular motion inside the pot so it’s important to repot every few years so they don’t end up suffocating the tree.

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7 thoughts on “Fiddle Leaf Fig Love & Care

  1. Hi, Kristy – Thanks for the great post. I have a fiddlehead fig tree (about six weeks) in my studio apartment and I love it. It’s next to my balcony door and my bed (the brightest spot in my apt). In the last two weeks it’s lost a couple of leaves which has me quite concerned. The nursery told me to water it every 15 days (today is watering day). I just picked up liquid molasses and super thrive to add to the water, but I read that super thrive contains a carcinogenic ingredient. Do you think liquid molasses in the water will be enough to help it, even without the super thrive? And do you watering it every 15 days is too infrequent? (I mist it every couple of days). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jamie, I think watering depends on the heat and dryness of your home and area. Some swear to deeply water once a week, others say every 15 days and then it depends on the time of year also… Winter months with the cooler temps can require less than that, once a month some say? Most say when the top inch is dry then it’s time to water… I’m definitely not an expert but I always try everything too. :/

      Here is something that may help. :) Good Luck and let me know how it’s going! xo

  2. I love the look of the fiddle leaf fig tree! I’m not the best at keeping indoor plants alive though. Might see if Ikea has a fake version :)