Favorite Holiday Houses

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to take a look at homes , their front porches and their doors. Everyone decorates differently and I love it when people take the time to make everyone feel welcome. Especially during the holidays. While some use fresh greenery, others decorate with lights and lanterns. No matter the style, I love all. My own approach this year was a little more relaxed due to a front walkway redo. By adding several poinsettias, fresh wreaths and a christmas pillow & throws, everything looks and feels festive. Sometimes simple is best. I wanted to have lights hanging from our eaves but unfortunately I missed the boat. Next year I will be all over it. ;) Do you decorate your home during the holidays? If so, how? I would love to hear what you do to help celebrate the season. Some people buy properties abroad when they are young and then move to the location for their retirement and use an equity release service, to fund living in their home abroad. You can visit to find Key’s equity release calculator for more information.
Below I’ve gathered a collections of some of my absolute favorite holiday houses on Instagram this year. Every single home is different yet all radiate the season beautifully!

To view my holiday house tour 2017 click here.
Hugs and Happy Holidays! xo

Favorite Holiday Houses

Favorite Holiday Houses ~ Kristy Wicksvia Lily Pad Cottage

When Kelly began building her new Michigan home just across the lake from her last.. I was so excited. She has so much style I couldn’t wait to see what she would do. Her new home doesn’t disappoint and everything from the inside – out is so stylish and elegant. I love what she’s done. This front porch of hers speaks volumes about Kelly’s style. The garland and pillows with touches of reds and and greens is classic and perfect!

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Gray Malin

Gray just moved to Los Angeles and I’m in love with his new home. He has such a contagious excitement about everything he does.. I love following his art, life and loves.

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia @OldSilverShed

This image makes me smile and tear up at the same time. Scout, the love of the Cavallo household recently passed away. Scout was such an angel… always filling every image with love and grace. One of these days I’m going to head to Cape Cod with Jeff to visit Sandra and her husband. It’s amazing the friendships I have developed through this journey called IG. Nowadays, dog friendly rentals are quite common for holiday homes as many families now wish to travel with their pets! If you are struggling to get business for your holiday home it may be an idea to allow pets to visit too!

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Quintessence ~ Lisa Hilderbrand home

I loved the Christmas in Connecticut post about Lisa’s historic home on the Quintessence blog. If you have the chance you really must check it out. Incredible!

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy WicksMy little porch this year with Maggie in her favorite spot watching the world walk by..

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia @parterregardenservices

I have just stumbled upon this IG account and I’m crazy about their styling! They obviously know what they are doing… This porch is so grand! I wonder if they would fly out to SF to help me? ;)

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Marsha Mason

Marsha has such an elegant style and her front door is proof. I love the bright ribbon and bows mixed with the fresh greenery. So rich in color!

via Ralph Lauren Home

This little cabin and front door have Ralph Lauren at Christmas written all over it. It’s decorated naturally and I love the sweet setting..

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Patrick Ahearn Architects

Patrick Ahearn Architects designs some of the most beautiful houses in New England and this gorgeous Christmas home is no different. I love this capture with the snow and lights. It looks like a movie set..

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia New England Fine Living

Elegant and classic! I’ll never tire of this New England style.

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Maison de Cinq

I adore Sheila and her beautiful holiday home. The fresh greenery against the rich contrasting front door pops. It doesn’t hurt that she has the cutest fur baby either..

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Deirdres Design

Love the detail in this formal walkway and front door. From the urns and lanterns to that checkerboard design… I need that walkway in my life!

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Zoe Gowen

Blue has never looked so festive! Mixed with the magnolia garland draping the door and pots, this door looks so rich and regal.

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia TGJG Home

The first time I saw this image I fell in love. It’s so dreamy looking with the door ajar and the tree all lit up in the background.

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Steph Stell

Love this classic red home decorated with black urns, fresh cranberries and greens. Christmas post card worthy for sure!

Favorite Holiday Houses ~ Kristy Wicksvia Liz Marie Galvan

Liz Marie has a porch that I seriously die over during the holiday season. It has the most perfect round shape that can be viewed from every angle. She and her husband place a tree in the center then go to town making their magic. I adore Liz and her style reflects so much of who she is. It glows like no other and her house is hands down one of my favorite’s on IG.

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Parterre Garden Services

Another beauty from Parterre Garden Services. Is there anything more elegant than classic columns wrapped in decorated christmas garland? Stunning!

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia Cambridge Home Company

Chell is incredible at everything she designs and this porch is no different. The cluster of lanterns against the fresh greenery is gorgeous!

Favorite Holiday Houses - Kristy Wicksvia GNC Garden

I always tell everyone that Gina is one of my biggest inspirations for designing my new garden and I mean it. She is soooo good at what she does. I just wish I had the space she has. You have to check our her garden if you haven’t already done so.


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    I’m honored to be included in such a beautiful round-up of holiday homes! Thank you, you are always such an inspiration!!