My favorite color White

White is the most overlooked color…

While decorating for the 4th of July this week I’ve found that I’m reminded of how much I love the color white.

White sets everything off perfectly… from primary colors to pastels.

White makes you notice the details.

All of a sudden things have more texture when they are in shades of white.

It’s interesting how something so basic and so clean looking with

‘lack of color’ can make everything else look more interesting and complex.

Here are a few examples in my home where white becomes alive 

(even sweet fluffy cal)

and forces me to notice the little things that much more…

Tomorrow I’ll be highlighting changes I’ve made to my Living Room.

Hugs xo


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2 thoughts on “My favorite color White

  1. First of all…Cal is just the most adorable pup!! Love seeing pics of him on your blog. :) And you’re so right about white making things come alive. I love the trio of white frames and that mug with the nest on it is so cute! Love the fortune cookie too. :) As always, your pictures are beautiful and inspiring!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Cal is so cute and honestly the kindest ever. Thanks so much for always being so giving with your comments… I really appreciate them being a new blogger! Hugs and Happy Wednesday! xo