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Last week I posted a picture on Instagram that had my favorite carefree wonder roses climbing on a white picket fence.  Carefree Wonder roses is one of one of my favorite roses and not surprisingly the photo grabbed everyone’s attention. I decided to put a link to these roses on my blog as I have several varieties in my garden and people keep asking me about them.

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I would never claim to be a garden expert but I do love gardening and through trial and error I learn more every day. I educate myself as best I can by talking to my local garden store and my gardener about different plants and flowers.  As a result I’m proud to say that throughout this learning process I have gained enough knowledge to feel confident when approaching my own garden. 

Growing up my parents always made sure to have a large garden full of different varieties of roses. I remember my father spraying them for bugs and fungus and always having to change the watering cycles. I’ve dabbled in growing several varieties myself but find that certain areas in my garden isn’t as conducive for growing happy roses. My yard faces west which is great for sun loving plants but with my larger size trees I have to be very careful where to plant for the shade aspect.  My backyard receives mostly morning light so I planted my roses there in the sunniest of spots, fingers crossed.  One important factor with roses is that they LOVE sunlight.  My home blocks quite a bit after mid afternoon.

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Having almost given up on one of my favorite flowers my gardener suggested the Carefree Wonder and Iceberg varieties. While both require a good amount of sun they are a heartier type of rose more disease resistant and big bloomers to boot. These two types also seem to handle the clay soil in my area when mixed with a little gardening soil. A lifesaver for those of us in California in tight home building spaces with packed clay soil.

https://kristywicks.comBelow you will find several photos and descriptions of both of these beautiful varieties.  I usually ask my local garden store to order me 2 – 5 gallon plants to ensure they have the proper start.  Good Luck with your Spring and Summer growing seasons.  I am looking forward to a flourish of roses for my home and garden. 

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Carefree Wonder Roses ~


via ~ Valley Nursery Utah

via ~Lynn’s Garden

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via ~ Westchester Magazine

Iceberg Roses ~

One of the best Floribundas. Large clusters of medium-sized, lightly double, pure white or pink flowers. Very continuous flowering.  This white blooming floribunda rose bush has a strong fragrance along with being very disease resistant. Iceberg rose’s white blooms are so bright it is hard to capture them well in a photo. The Iceberg rose’s winter hardiness is well known, too, which has led to her popularity.

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5 thoughts on “Favorite Carefree Wonder Roses

  1. I was wondering if Carefree Wonder had a lot of thorns because I just bought a Carefree Wonder rose bush and it seems to be pretty thorny. I was wondering if that were normal or if it were a symptom of a problem like rosette disease. Thanks in advance

    1. Hmm.. My Carefree roses didn’t have that many thorns but they did have a few. Not quite sure why yours has so many to be honest. Thanks for reading! Hugs!