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My Everyday Skincare & Beauty TalkFor the majority of my life I have approached my skincare routine with a simple, “wash my face with soap and that’s good enough” kind of attitude. That was me growing up through high school & college. Throughout those years I also worked as a life guard during my summers and after school. While the sun is good for the occasional breakouts, I look back now and think, “Why didn’t I take more precaution?!” The sun causes so much damage and I never applied enough SPF. I hate to think about all that I could have prevented or whether I should have seen a dermatologist to give me advice sooner.

Fast forward to today. I try to be better but I still find that I’m not nearly as good as I should be. From sunscreen to moisturizer.. I can be so much more proactive in my approach! I apply sunscreen, but not as often as I should. When walking Maggie, going for a run or even driving… I’m constantly exposed to the elements. After a long day at work I need to make sure to remove my makeup and treat my skin as carefully as I do everything else I love – with a gentle hand and proactive attitude. This might even entail mixing up your skin regimen once every often. That is what truly makes the difference,

To go along with my new approach to a healthier lifestyle this year.. I’m looking at everything from what I apply to my skin, to what I eat. Everything counts.. it’s never too late. :)

My Everyday Skincare & Beauty TalkBack in December, International Orange Spa in San Francisco reached out to me asking if I would like to visit one of their spas for a facial or massage. Usually I’m all about the massage, but with my new 2018 healthier approach I decided to try one of their facials. Last week I gave microdermabrasion a go and all I have to say is.. I’m in love!!

What the International Orange Spa looks like.. so beautiful!

My Everyday Skincare & Beauty TalkMy Everyday Skincare & Beauty Talkimage via ~ International Orange Spa

I have always wanted to try a facial but if I’m being perfectly honest.. I was intimidated by all the options. After researching more about the different types of treatments, I decided to try microdermabrasion. When I was younger, I had very oily skin, but now that I’m older (never thought the day would come) I have much dryer skin. Without makeup my skin appears normal but my doctor tells me it’s damaged from the sun. The thought of evening out my skin tone and stimulating collagen with microdermabrasion has always appealed to me. Because many of you have asked me about the exact process, I thought I would explain a little more about my experience below.

What is microdermabrasion?

The new crystal-free, diamond tip microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation treatment that provides advanced skin resurfacing while stimulating circulation and increasing lymph flow. It’s ideal for hyperpigmentation, lines, wrinkles and acne scars. (in other words… meeeeeeee lol)

We had no idea what to expect when we first entered the spa (I dragged Emma with me) but we were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Both Emma and I thought we would leave with red scary looking faces for days – but luckily no. The aesthetician exfoliates your skin with a suction type of tool and it’s not nearly as severe as I had previously thought. It feels like a cat licking your skin. It really does! Your newer cleaner looking skin is left feeling ‘oh so baby soft’.. They recommend returning for more microdermabrasion treatments every 4-6 weeks for the first six months to get things going, then every 2-3 months for the upkeep. (I need to do this!) I’m still on day 3 and I love the difference this treatment has made to my skin.

Have you ever had a microdermabrasion treatment before? If so, what did you think of it, and did you have any negative outcomes as a result?

My Everyday Skincare & Beauty TalkThere are so many treatments that I would like to try including the popular Hydrafacial that many of you keep recommending. Have you ever tried this?

After my facial the other day, I felt inspired to ‘up my game’ in the skincare products department as well. I’ve tried several different types of moisturizers and cremes over the years, but have never really stuck with a regular routine. I’m really regretting that now and think it’s high time to change my approach.

I decided to check out some of more popular Kiehl’s products. (this is NOT sponsored) Several of my friends have mentioned that they love & swear by this line. Suffice it to say, I came home with several products that I’m excited to try! I also received a few samples from International Orange Spa after my facial. I’ll let you know what I think of all after using the products over the next few months.

My Everyday Skincare & Beauty TalkKiehl’s Products that I’m Trying: (click on each to learn more)

My Everyday Skincare & Beauty TalkOver the next few months I’ll let you know what I think of all the treatments and products that I’m trying… I’m excited to see if any help and/or any changes that may occur as a result.

More help for healthier skin…

Healthy Foods For Better Skin:

Food plays an important part in how your skin looks and feels over the years. There are specific types of foods that can add certain vitamins & minerals to help promote a healthier you.

  • Fish, which contain Omega-3 Acids – keeps your skin moist & thick (Salmon’s my fave).
  • Green Tea – While this technically isn’t food, I love drinking it. It contains antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory which helps reduce acne and for healing blemishes and scars.
  • Avocados are high in healthy fats – important in keeping skin flexible. (I cut avocado in half, add salt and pepper, and a little Tabasco! Yum..)
  • Walnuts & Sunflower Seeds – Contains Omega-3’s and Omega 6’s along with antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Sweet Potatoes & Carrots – Contains Vitamin-A which acts as a natural sunblock (You still need to wear SPF!)
  • Eggs – the amino acids in protein rich foods help build collagen.

Have you found that eating certain types of foods has helped your skin? I know that I need to hydrate more by drinking more water and I do eat lots of fruits and veggies… but do I get enough? I am always left wondering.

I loved writing this post but what I really want to know is… everything you know about skincare! What works for you… what do you swear by… any holy grail products that you can’t stop buying? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


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33 thoughts on “My Everyday Skincare & Beauty Talk

  1. Dear Kristy,
    I love your blog! I’m sorry if this is too intimate question, but how old are you? I’m just wondering the products you are recommending. I need extra anti-aging…

      1. Kristy:
        You look absolutely amazing for 53!!! would you mind sharing if you recommend anything such as botox, fillers, etc.?? please share

      2. Hi Lisa – you’re so sweet. Thank you for stopping by the blog. I definitely recommend Botox if you have a great gal nearby. I get Botox probably once ever two months in my more “problem” areas (around mouth, forehead) and I love the way it looks. I’ve never gotten fillers done before. Xo

  2. I love Decleor moisturizer and use it every day. I remove my makeup with Liz Earles Cleanse and Polish. I think I need a serum as my skin can be very dry sometimes. I drink lots of water as tea gives me migraines and I don’t like the smell of coffee, weird or what ?.

  3. I love facials! You have inspired me to try microderabrasion. I have thought I would come out not presentable all red and inflamed. You have peeked my intrest with the cilantro/citrus mask ? Currently I have been using the Japenese line Tatcha…I love the serum and eye cream especially. Have you ever tried this line? I would love to know your thoughts.?

    1. Hi Margie,
      Let me know if you end up getting a microdermabrasion. Make sure that you research and go to a good spa beforehand, I’m sure that makes a big difference as well. Thanks for sharing the Tatcha, I’ll definitely check it out. I haven’t used it, but I know that Asian beauty products are supposed years ahead of us. xx Thanks for commenting

  4. I’ve always heard/read that there are two things that can make a difference in your skin, retinol and sunscreen every single day.

    1. Hi Jana,
      I believe this so much right now, and I wish I listened more when I was 20. Thanks for your input, it’s never too late as they say! Thanks for reading. xx

  5. Hi Kristy,
    You are so adorable love your posts! I think you look amazingly young and have been wondering what products you use so this post is perfect. I did think you used FRESH blacktea night mask? I was wondering what you thought of it. I look forward to hearing what you think of Kiehls.

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Thank you so much for stopping by! and thank you for your kind words :) I have used the fresh blacktea night mask and Emma and I both love fresh skincare. I just started using Kiehls and Emma just started using Arcona so we’ll let you know what we think! xx

  6. One thing I consistently buy over and over again is a moisturizer called Skin Food by Weleda. It’s all natural, affordable, and works great for dry skin. You can’t go wrong!

  7. Hello Kristi! I am the same age. I just tried threading to promote collagen production.. you can check out GlowDoctor on Instagram. Wendy is 50 and looks like she is in her 30’s.

  8. I think your skin is beautiful Kristy. My mom treated me to my very first facial, a mother/daughter day at the spa. I have such wonderful memories from that day. I have been going for facials several years now and should probably go more often than I do because I really notice the difference in my skin. I have the most sensitive skin (also very dry) and eczema (no fun!). I stick to hydrating facials and they are heavenly. I’m a big water drinker, eats tons of fresh veggies and fruit and have found a line of skin products that work well for me. I use Skin Ceuticals and can’t say enough good about this line. Of course, everybody has their own personal favorites and what works for them. But for me, I cannot live without my Skin Ceuticals! I could probably use more sleep which is a struggle for me. I know that helps our skin, too. What a fun day you and Emma had and I hope she is feeling better today! xo

  9. Ive tried microdermabrasion and want to try dermaplanning for exfoliation and I’m 52 with previously oily skin like you. I never really used moisturizer as I like the clean not oily feeling but I still rated using RX Retin A and need a good quality cream to balance the drying effects of Retin A. I like L’occitaine. It’s so fresh and French the Shea cleansing oil is perfect for removing makeup and still feeling fresh. And their Divine cream is divine. Have you used Botox? No judgement just curious. You look natural, youthful and healthy!

    1. I love Botox and yes I get it every 4-6 months. It’s so great! I have also tried Retin A but it made me so dry I never wanted to wait the month out to get the benefits. ;) I know it’s supposed to be so good for your skin. Thanks for commenting. It’s so great learning what works for others.. Hugs! xx

      1. Thanks for your honest answer! I also use a touch of Botox and love that it helps me look happy, natural (no one notices!) and almost as young as I feel! Keep sharing ? You.

  10. Hi Kristy – I’m all over the map on what I use for cleaners and such but I do love using the Clarisonic for cleansing. Have you tried one? It makes my face feel so clean.

  11. Two products to consider are: C E Feurulic by SkinCeuricals and TNS recovery complex by Skin Medica. In addition I’m trying Sisley creams-quite pricey but pure, botanical ingredients. I also learned that as long as the sun is out–use sunscreen! I used to think if it was after 4 or 5 PM I could go out on the lake w/o it but NO. My facialist swears by Retin A-pea size at night as the last thing on top of every cream/serum. I wish I could get into that routine. I’m not good about sleep or vitamins but plan to work on both! You look beautiful!

  12. Hey,

    Rosen and fields has a micro-dermabrasion paste that I absolutely love! Also the Tatcha line is amazing!! The silk cream is rather on the expensive side, but it makes your skin SO soft and has really helped my skin!

  13. What is the term used for the suction treatment you received. I am very interested in getting something like that. You look great for 53.

  14. Hi kristy
    I know you said a while back you had some thoughts on Botox? Will you discuss on your blog? I just turned 50 and recently did Sublative laser (microneedling with laser). Little harsh and I’m 3 days out and a little scabby. Would love to try Botox but I react weird to medicines , cosmetics so I’m reluctant. I have been using Avene products for 2 years and LOVE them. Would love to hear your thoughts on Botox and fillers . Thanks !?

  15. Kristy:
    You look absolutely amazing for 53!!! would you mind sharing if you recommend anything such as botox, fillers, etc.?? please share

  16. I would love to know what makeup you use….your skin always looks so bright and smooth…please share when you can.