Entertaining with a Charcuterie Board

I have always loved to entertain.. it’s in my blood. Entertaining with the classic charcuterie board is an appetizer that my mom has used many times. Growing up, my parents would throw lavish parties with the most amazing appetizers and dinners. My mom was always in the kitchen for hours making sure every detail was absolutely perfect.

While I love to host my friends and family, do I love to spend hours cooking in the kitchen? Not exactly… I find that sometimes the yummiest and most gourmet looking appetizers can also take the least amount of time to make.

 Take the charcuterie board appetizer, for example. This popular board has been around for quite a while, but they have blown up on social media recently, especially on Pinterest. The gorgeous colors between the different fruits and cheeses along with the textures of the wooden boards makes an amazing combination.

With friends coming to dinner this weekend, Emma and I decided to throw together our own version of the classic charcuterie board. We LOVE how it turned out. I also made a gorgeous arrangement of flowers from the seasonal selections I picked up from our local farmer’s market.  There’s nothing like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to set the mood for an occasion.

Every weekend Jeff and I always make sure to hit our local Farmer’s market for the freshest flowers, fruits and veggies.  It’s close to our home and one of our favorite morning walks…
This weekend I was happy to find an abundant display of fresh dahlias, sunflowers and daisies, full of vibrant colors.  I made sure to select tones that I felt brought the Summer and Fall seasons together.  The vibrant pinks, oranges and yellows complimented one another beautifully and I knew the purple would look incredible with all. I love the bold colors combined.

When building a charcuterie platter I always use a wooden board to set my fruits and cheeses on. The natural element of the wooden board features the foods and flowers colors and textures perfectly.

Cheese/Charcuterie Boards 

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The nicest thing about pulling together a charcuterie board is the ease of it.  It’s something you can put together with just a few items and still give it the appearance of looking elegant.
Everyone loves the overall casual look and it’s inviting with all the goodies displayed on one large rustic board.  Add dressy elements like flowers laying flat on the board and the entire display is taken to another level.  As a matter of fact, whenever I throw a last minute charcuterie board together I’ll often grab whatever flowers I can find from my garden or even my neighbor’s yard… You would be surprised with what you can find.

Cheese Knives

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Whether you include meat (as I did with the Salami) or just cheese, nuts and olives… there are many ways to introduce variety.  I love a collection of fruits and veggies along with crackers or a rustic loaf of bread.


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When it comes to my cheese I like adding a variety to every board.  To take your Brie or Goat’s Cheese up a notch.. try drizzling a little honey and sprinkle a few nuts on it. That layered on fig/cranberry crackers is amazing.  You can even add fig spread to the board… Sooo good! My girlfriend Nikki introduced this to me and I fell in love with the flavor. It’s become a family favorite now…

Once your board is complete and you have a fresh vase full of flowers placed next to it all that’s left to add is a candle and napkins or small plates to complete the look.  I always keep a set of beautiful paper napkins on hand for those last minute occasions.  Seasonal napkins especially.  It’s such a simple thing to do and it makes every get together seem more thought out and special.


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Food Items 

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I hope this has given you a little appetizer inspiration for your next get together.  Remember, charcuterie boards are best when filled with all your favorite things. There are no rules… Simply enjoy and share the magic you’ve collected with your friends and family.

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4 thoughts on “Entertaining with a Charcuterie Board

  1. This is how I entertain, so easy and tasty. I have a 3ft. cheese board and it makes a great display! Your display is so beautiful in your gorgeous kitchen! Great job, thanks for sharing, I pinned away!

  2. Love this post!! The whole thing is beautiful and it has definitely insprired me to do this for my next get together.