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Emma’s Bedroom Refresh

Happy New Year everyone! We are so grateful for all of you and super excited for a new and improved year ahead. :)

Jeff and I were able to head upstate at the beginning of the year to visit Emma and Zach in their beautiful San Francisco apartment. They moved in last Christmas and slowly but surely it’s starting to look gorgeous and pulled together! She and I have very similar taste yet different styles so we have a lot of fun going back and forth on ideas/design styles for both of our homes.

Emma’s style is very classic and clean yet elegant, romantic and fun! She isn’t afraid of color but likes a ‘less is more’ look when it comes to the bedroom. When thinking about what she wanted ‘style-wise’ for this space.. she really wanted something calming and soothing – a retreat for she and Zach after a long day.

Frontgate is one of our ALL-TIME favorite retailers and their furniture, decor, and accents are timeless and elegant. Many of you already know that I have many Frontgate pieces in my home. It’s one of my go to shops. Emma has followed suit and we were thrilled that Frontgate was willing to collaborate with us on Emma’s bedroom refresh. They have so many selections and different styles that we just knew that she’d find something that she would love.

Frontgate offers an incredible service called “Design with Frontgate” which is free for customers. Their designers help with any and all types of projects – both indoor and out by providing collages using Frontgate pieces to help you design your space. You can only imagine how much time we saved seeing everything grouped together with options! It was literally a lifesaver. This is an exceptional program where Emma provided some of her ideas/color schemes plus measurements of the room and the designer then pulled together several collages for her to choose from. This was by far the most helpful and quickest way to decorate the space. All we had to do at this point was wait for everything to arrive. So exciting!

Frontgate Design Collage
Emma's Bedroom Refresh - Her new San Francisco apartment is dressed to the nines & everything is from Frontgate! Classic, elegant and timeless decor.

Fast forward a few months and Emma’s room was complete! When first entering Emma’s room you can’t help but notice the classically gorgeous white bed. It’s called the Marion French Cane bed and it comes in 3 different colors. I loved it so much in Emma’s space that I ordered it for our new bedroom in a King as well! The bed has a handwoven rattan caning detail that takes it to another level. We loved that it was tailored in style, traditional yet clean in appearance. Not frou frou at all which was important to Emma. The clean lines and pops of elegance and molding makes this bed a classic and one of of my all-time favorite pieces.

Emma chose the Resort Ladder Stitch bedding in Navy blue to dress her bed. The navy detail gave the bed a fun pop of color which she craved. This bedding comes in 4 shades.. she found the Navy was the perfect juxtaposition between the existing taupe/gray wall color and warm white of the bed.

Emma's Bedroom Refresh - Her new San Francisco apartment is dressed to the nines & everything is from Frontgate! Classic, elegant and timeless decor.

Emma added other pops of color using the Fantine Performance rug which is really beautiful. (Sadly she can’t center the rug correctly under her bed because her door is so low to the ground, so please disregard that!)
The different shades of red, blue, golds and even purple in the rug are subtle yet perfect in this light & bright room. It looks fantastic under the bed!

Other main pieces in the space include the two Etienne nightstands which are stunning. They have a classic french look with a drawer and bottom shelf built-in.. perfect for extra storage in her small apartment. The top is made of marble which is another elegant detail that just adds to the tables. Across the bed is the matching dresser that holds their TV. They love the fact that it compliments the grouping and provides even more storage. (a must in SF!!)

For lighting Emma chose 2 beautiful crystal table lamps that unfortunately have sold out. Other accessories on her side tables are also from Frontgate – the ‘gold knot’ decor piece and faux florals. She did not leave anything out!

Emma's Bedroom Refresh - Her new San Francisco apartment is dressed to the nines & everything is from Frontgate! Classic, elegant and timeless decor.
Emma's Bedroom Refresh - Her new San Francisco apartment is dressed to the nines & everything is from Frontgate! Classic, elegant and timeless decor.

Something that was really important to Emma was to include a reading chair in her space. She is an avid reader who loves to sit in her bay window and enjoy a great book. The designer made sure to add a little nook perfect for her to curl up in using the Naomi Swivel Glider Chair. (this piece is a rocker and it spins! So comfy) The lovely spotted fabric is made using a slate blue tone that perfectly compliments their bedding and the cushion takes a nod from the rug. Love the gold tones in it. Additionally, they opted to add a pop of black with the little side table next to the chair.

Next to the chair & table sits a gold and crystal floor lamp and small velvet ottoman. Emma loves having the extra lighting and the ottoman is so convenient to move around.


Everything from Emma’s bedroom is linked throughout the blog. All pieces are from Frontgate and the entire design process has been made effortless with the help of Frontgate’s incredible designers.
What do you think of Emma’s bedroom refresh? Please let us know in the comments. She’s thrilled to have this amazing space to begin her new married life in May. :) We’d like to thank Frontgate for working with us on this project!!


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13 thoughts on “Emma’s Bedroom Refresh

  1. Emma’s bedroom is absolutely lovely!!!
    I love everything she picked. Emma has obviously inherited her Mom’s great taste! Two very kind and beautiful people!