Coastal Beach Art


Coastal beach art takes me away every time I look at it…
If you’re not taking off with half the world to a beach this week during Spring Break… never fear! There are so many ways you can whisk away with some of the most beautiful beach inspired art and photography. I’ve loved the beach ever since I lived in Greece as a child and now that I’ve been in California for so many years… I can’t imagine ‘not’ being near an ocean.

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I’ve realized after stumbling upon these images of Greece above that these scenes not only calm me but energize me as well. The tranquil blues and soft colors introduced via the ocean, sand and skies mixed with the brightly colored, neon hues from umbrellas, bathing suits, surfboards and towels take me to my happiest of places.  Why not bring a little more of what makes me uplifted into my home? 

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My house has always been decorated using a beach palette of some sort.  I can’t imagine my life without it.  The soft soothing tones reflected in the water colors have become my go to with just about everything I introduce. Keeping that in mind, hanging a large beach piece in my home seems a natural fit.  Plus, I feel it can further the relaxed atmosphere I crave.  Like renowned photographer, Gray Malin explains with his work… “It’s more than just a getaway, it’s a lifestyle”.  My thoughts exactly! 

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I’m looking at ordering something special this summer season and I’m inspired by so many different artists with Gray Malin being my absolute favorite. His photography is everywhere and as a result I’ve included several of his pieces in my grouping below that I’m currently considering for my home.

Gray’s philosophy shines with every piece… “It’s our belief that the journey is more than just a photograph, it’s a shared experience inviting everyone to a jet set lifestyle, and the idea that every day can be a getaway“.  Bravo Gray!


KRISTY WICKS  via ~ Gray Malin

I love these pieces of St. Barths hanging in this beautiful dining room.  Who wouldn’t want to dine while enjoying these views?

via ~ Brauna Adams

via ~ Travel And Leisure

This incredibly talented photographer takes the most amazing aerial shots of beaches and special places from all over the world. Each one makes me smile and his passion is unmistakable. Gray Malin is a kid at heart…

“It’s about capturing the moment you want to live within” Gray states on his website. “Bringing people of the world together, one photo at a time”…
How wonderful is that?   This is exactly how I feel when I’m viewing his photographs. Love all!

Enjoy this small collection of art that I’m considering… With so much natural beauty out there why not bring a little into your home for an escape from the every day?

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2 thoughts on “Coastal Beach Art

  1. I grew up in eastern NC and every year we took at least one vacation to the ocean. At the time, I thought it was far away. Turns out, it was only about an hour drive. LOL Anyway, I now live near Birmingham, AL and it takes 5 hours to get to the Gulf. sigh…. and I married a man that doesn’t really care anything about going. I didn’t realize how lucky I was back then.