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Happy Monday everyone!
I’m so excited to finally share about our new decorative vents from Vent + Cover. When we approached renovating our new home the details were so important. Every detail mattered. Our new home was so much smaller than our last and because of that, every little thing stood out.
Especially the air conditioning vents.
In smaller spaces you tend to notice things that you may otherwise miss in larger homes. When you take pictures of your home, like I do for my job… you really pay attention. With every shot of each new space.. I couldn’t help but notice an old ugly vent hanging overhead.

Old vent before renovation pics –

New vent after renovation – 

When I first began to research vents online I stumbled upon, Vent + Cover almost immediately. I fell in love with their wide selections in designs and materials.  Their vents had the elegant look and style that I was searching for.

I was thrilled when Vent + Cover said they would partner with me on this transformation… I just knew their vents would be the perfect addition to my newly renovated home.
*this is a sponsored post

The spot above our new cased entry (above) was the main reason why I decided to change the vents in our home.  With the elegant new trim draping our new entry how could I leave an ugly vent sitting directly above?  It deserved something equally special so I went online and ordered away.

Below are pictures showing Jeff removing our old air conditioning return vent with one of the newer vents.  I love the difference. (It only took about 20 minutes)

As soon as I made the switch to the newer vents I knew that my followers and readers would want to know all about them. It’s something that every homeowner can approach.. either room by room or with their entire home. My home was proof!  Everything looked so much more complete once the vents were replaced. Don’t get me wrong… I knew that changing them out would make a big difference but I never realized how much of a difference. The Iron Ring style I chose lends a more elegant and classic look to everything surrounding it. I’m in love.  It’s the little things as they say…

Once I made the switch everyone began asking me about them. I realized with everyone’s questions that many weren’t aware that vent covers existed. Having grown up on the East Coast with many older historic homes, I’ve seen the covers for years. What I love most about the newer styles however is how many different designs there are.  There are more choices in both materials and styles and there is a cover for everything, from floor vents to heater vents. The looks are more contemporary and fresh and they elevate a house to an entirely different level.

Of course now that I’ve shown my friends how beautiful these new vents are, they are all making the change. From just a few in their most used spaces to all.  When I first ordered my vents (before approaching Vent + Cover) I ordered just a few. I wanted to make it work for my budget and see whether I loved them as much as I thought I would. Be prepared… a few won’t be enough. ;)
You will be ordering more once you see the difference they make to your home.

I’ve included some tips below that are helpful when ordering and installing your new vents.
Tips when ordering ~

Remove one of each vent size so you can properly measure the inside hold for the new vent

Important ~ Make sure to measure the ceiling or wall ‘opening’ NOT your existing vent size.

 Don’t forget to include whether you want the air flow lever included with the cover. I ordered incorrectly the first time around.

Also, covers work great over fans in bathrooms.  We did that and love the difference.

Tips when installing ~

Cut around existing vent to help loosen it
Scrape or sand off all debris on the ceiling or wall so your vent will lay flush.  The paint builds up over the years and it’s important to take a little time to remove it to get a nice fit.

Paint the inside with your wall color so that it doesn’t look like a black hole behind your new vent

Run caulk around the vent and swipe with a damp rag for a smoother look and feel

Stand back and enjoy the view!

To order vents for your home click here.


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10 thoughts on “Decorative Vents with Vent + Cover

  1. Kristy, love the vent covers…but I must say that your home is absolutely beautiful…you have a real,talent for creating beautiful spaces.

  2. Hi. Was wondering how you remove the covers to replace air filters. There don’t appear to be hinges on your new vents. Do you have to unscrew them every time you change a filter? Thanks!

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      If you’re talking about the return air filter for your air conditioning/heating, there is a section in the middle of that particular vent that is magnetized. It pops off very easily.. You never unscrew anything. You only use the screws to put the new vents into the ceilings. Hope this helps.


  3. Thank you for sharing this! I did not even REALIZE you could change out vent covers and now it’s all I’m thinking about!