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I love all the decorating with spring planters and urns that I’m seeing this Spring season.  From preppy to classic, old world and global styles… there is every shape, style and color imaginable.   Flowers and plants in some kind of an urn or planter always make their way into my interior and garden decorating scheme and I can’t imagine my home without them.  From chippy painted boxes to a moss covered statuary piece, all are appreciated.
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Including these special filled containers to your interior space not only adds texture and interest but a warmth that sometimes only something living can provide.   With everything matching just so in our homes it’s nice introducing something with a little imperfection or a piece that can stand on it’s own.  Setting a living plant or flower inside of it just adds that much more.


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I buy my varied style pots and vessels everywhere.  From antique stores to flea markets, online and local… I am always searching.  It’s more interesting having an assortment.  Placing them in a grouping like those shown above in Claus Dalby’s greenhouse makes such a statement.

When it comes to styles I tend to lean toward classic shapes like urns with a pedestal which allows my plant enough room to spill over top.  I also gravitate toward interesting concrete pieces that I can touch up with a little paint… the more beat up the better.   While I usually love everything looking pulled together and finished within my home it’s the pieces that are individual and distressed a bit that provide the most pleasure and beauty to me.

Adding garden pieces full of character to my clean white interior is what I live for.   Everything becomes more alive when flowers and plants are displayed this way…  All they need is the proper planter or urn to give them the platform to shine.

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From the outside to the interior of your home remember that planters and urns are simply another opportunity  to personalize your style and add beauty to your home.  If you haven’t included any in your decorating, give it a try… I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Enjoy the season and have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Decorating with Spring Planters & Urns

  1. I agree! Fresh flowers and new planter boxes or urns add such a nice touch to the front porch or back patio. I think people often under estimate how wonderful fresh flowers and pots look. They just freshen everything up! Instant update for a good price! Now I need to run to the store to pick up some new flowers for my back patio….your photos were very inspiring and the warm weather we are having has me wanting to be outside gardening! Have a great weekend!