My Coffee Date with Williams-Sonoma

Happy Friday!

It’s mid-afternoon and I find myself heading toward my little coffee bar area …
Everyone is always asking me if my family drinks coffee because there isn’t a coffee maker to be seen in any photos taken of my kitchen. 

As much as I love coffee I purposely tucked our coffee maker away in the Butler’s Pantry so that I could house everything together in a nice convenient ‘hidden’ spot…
In this out of the way space we have a Saeco Minuto Espresso Maker from Williams-Sonoma (which my hubby received as a Christmas gift) and all the necessary requirements needed for that ‘perfect’ cup of coffee.
My husband researches everything and loved that this machine not only grounds the beans but also makes drip coffee as well as espresso.  
All of our guests find this space easy to find and useful having everything they need within reach.
We house espresso cups, mugs, Starbucks coffee and all the toppings one could ever dream of including fresh chocolate shavings to top off your cappuccino or Latte. ;)

Cheers to your great day’s special style of coffee (or tea)…
I know that I am that much happier and more productive after having a sip of this special beverage!
We all have our vices. ;) 


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6 thoughts on “My Coffee Date with Williams-Sonoma

  1. That looks like a perfect place to “hide” your coffee fixings! I don’t have a butler’s pantry, but if I did, I would probably do the same thing. I’m totally in love with the colors in your kitchen — just beautiful!

    1. Thanks Carol! We haven’t had a Butler’s Pantry before and love it too. You are so sweet. :) The colors in my home always make me happy and really do make a difference in my days. Hugs and have a wonderful Sunday! xoxo

  2. I love your coffee station. While I am not a coffee drinker, I do enjoy seeing all of the fun displays. I love the smell of coffee and love walking down the isle at the grocery store, but have not acquired a taste for it. William-Sonoma is my favorite store as well. i could linger in there for hours. My husband and I just bought a new silverware setting from them. I love it.

    1. Wiiliams-Sonoma rocks everything don’t they? It’s so hard being in the SF Bay area because this is where they started this incredible company so we seem to have one on every corner. Definitely trouble for me! ;) Thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy your silverware setting from them. They have so many beautiful things! xoxo

    1. Thanks Kellee! I keep a mix of teas in the drawer along with stir sticks. :) Love this piece as it’s actually a phone station (from PB) but I use it for everything here. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs!