Choosing my Special Dining Table

When choosing my Dining Table I knew exactly what I wanted…

I knew the look and style I was leaning toward based on my space and made sure I took the time to research and ask the important questions to find the most unique table possible…

Here are a few of the things that I considered when purchasing my dining table and chairs ~ 

1.  What table shape do I want or need for my dining space?

I love when tables contrast with the shape of a room.  Especially if the room is small and square like that of my dining space. By placing a round table in the space the room immediately seemed more open and accessible.  I’ve always been a fan of mixing and contrasting shapes when it comes to decorating and I have found that round tables in square spaces tend to add more interest.

2.  Once I decided on a round table my next decision was whether to give the table a pedestal base or legs?

Everyone has a preference but the pedestal style is a favorite of mine simply because of the ease in which you can add chairs to the table without legs getting in the way.  We are always squeezing in a few extra people at dinner and the pedestal style enables us to do so easily.  I’ve always felt that pedestal based tables are simply more classic and beautiful in the end.

https://kristywicks.com3.  What material do I want my table to be made of?

In choosing the material and/or color of your table remember that it’s an opportunity for you to make your space look more complex or interesting.
I purposely chose a contrasting texture and color for that very reason.

https://kristywicks.comI knew I had enough painted surfaces with my white cabinetry and enough ‘wood’ tone from my hardwood floors so I decided to take the opportunity to introduce something a little more unique…

I chose a
refurbished pedestal base table with black steel tabletop from Kathy Kuo Home called,
 ‘The Bachelor Table’.

I’ve always wanted to add a bit of an industrial look to my home and this was my opportunity.
I loved the contrast between the elements and the focus it would bring to my dining area.
The refurbished base, although wood is a natural lighter look with grain and texture.
The black steel top also contrasts nicely and grounds the table and ties in some of the black pieces I have scattered throughout my home.

https://kristywicks.com4.  What type of chair do I want to pair with my table?

I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want side chairs that matched the style and color of my table because I’m not a huge fan of anything ‘matchy matchy’.

Rather, I like to add interest and texture whenever possible.

Because the materials of my table are different than anything else in my home I felt it was important for the chairs to have a relationship with something in the room so I decided on white painted chairs to associate them with the cabinetry.
This tied everything together and
made the table feel as if it belonged in the room.

https://kristywicks.comI was lucky to find chairs that I felt would fit my table perfectly at Kathy Kuo Home as well.
The chairs are hand distressed white painted French style chairs with a cane seat back not unlike that of my barstools. (perfect!) I knew because each chair was slightly different as a result of the hand-scraped antiqued effect that they would be the perfect match to compliment the refurbished base.

The chairs also have more of a straight edge with just a slight curve on the seat back rather than a fully rounded seat back which contrasts nicely with the round table.

The included short linen slipcover was the perfect added detail that softened the hardscape of the steel top and gave the table the more casual look I was searching for.

https://kristywicks.comI loved picking out something as important as my dining table ~

The dining table is a piece of furniture that is a main focal point in my home and in constant use by everyone at any given time.

I had to keep all of this in mind when making my choice.

Our dining table is used to play family games, where my daughter has finished her homework and projects and where we’ve hosted many a dinner with family and friends.
It’s a very used piece in our home…

 If you find that choosing a dining table is difficult or overwhelming, simply consider the questions above and the process should flow that much easier!

You may be surprised how much of an opinion you have once you break down the process with simple practical questions.  :)

Happy Friday!

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4 thoughts on “Choosing my Special Dining Table

  1. You have made SO many good points here, Kristy!!! Everything you said makes perfect sense. I agree about having a round table in a square space. You chose a beautiful table and the chairs compliment it perfectly! I love the short slip covers and I’ve always been drawn to cane back chairs. Love them! Oh, and I never thought about the difference between a pedestal base and regular legs, but you’re right about the pedestal leaving more room for the chairs. Good point! :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! :) I also love a pedestal table just for the fact that it can stand alone with a large vase of flowers… especially in a foyer or entryway. I sooo wish I had the space for one! Happy Friday to you and thanks so much again for your comments! Hugs! xoxo

  2. Love this table, round ones i think are so condusive to good conversation.
    Yesterday in a local store i saw the most fabulous rustic Italian table with a metal base – instant love – shame i already have a dining table….but you never know…


    1. Haha! Love it Jane! I am always on the look out for interesting pieces and I’m not above selling what I have to go for something new. ;) You should have taken a pic! Would’ve loved to have seen it. Hugs and Happy Tuesday! ;)