Our Cavalier King Charles, Cal

Closing out my intro week with my 1st
Friday Favorite~
Our 4th and most important member of ‘wicks nest’ is the sweet guy you see in so many of my pictures.  The little man I’m referring to is our adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cal.
How to describe the sweetest dog in the world…

Cal is an ‘old soul’ who we were lucky to find through a chance meeting with a breeder when he was just 9 months old.  We were originally looking for a puppy but once we met the breeder in person she said she felt as if we were the family Cal’s been waiting for.  Yes, she really said this (I swear she really believed it!) and yes we totally fell for it! ;)  She then launched into a story telling us that Cal was born a runt and given away not once but twice the first several months before she rescued him.  She was told the reason was that he just wasn’t ‘Show Dog‘ material.  She then explained that he was wayyy too gentle a guy to be up on a stage and shifted from house to house so she took him home and started searching for that right family.

cal and BentleyWe are so lucky that noone discovered how truly wonderful Cal is.  He’s a sweetheart who has never met a stranger, just wants to be close to someone at all times and still loves the world after all he’s been through.  I know… everyone says this about their dog but I’m serious when I say that everyone who meets Cal falls in love.  The entire neighborhood adores Cal along with Mike, our UPS guy who gives him the occasional treat and our mailman who stops to pet him whenever possible.  He’s a very popular guy for such an insecure fellow. ;)

We are so lucky that noone else discovered how wonderful Cal truly is. He's a sweetheart who has never met a stranger, a little insecure (with good reason), kind of shy and loves the world. I know... everyone says this about their dog but I'm serious when I say that everyone who meets Cal falls in love. Our incredible UPS man, Mike adores him and gives him treats, our mailman stops to pet him and every friend scoops him up as soon as they see him.I’m sure you’ve noticed that Cal is almost always in the background of most of my photos, sleeping happily away… I’m  convinced he was born snoozing. ;)  I have never met anyone – dog or human who can sleep as much as he does.  The few minutes a day that Cal is awake, well… he spends following me around, keeping my shadow company.  When I’m taking pictures of my home I know he’s always somewhere in the vicinity so rather than moving him out of the way I simply adjust things to include him.  How could I not?

cal and emmaCal is 11 now and like many Cavaliers he’s developed a slight heart murmur. We are making sure to appreciate every moment we have with him and feel so lucky to have been chosen as his family.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing many more decorating and well, just plain ‘ordinary life’ shots with this beautiful soul.  It’s simply too hard to avoid.
Hopefully now you can understand why we are absolutely crazy for this quiet, sweet, gentle guy who never barks, never bothers anyone… and only looks to be loved.
Happy Friday Everyone and Cheers!



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4 thoughts on “Our Cavalier King Charles, Cal

  1. What a beautiful story! I love hearing how people came to find their pets. Cal is just precious and I love that the pic made it onto The View!! How neat is that?! Looking forward to seeing many more pics of sweet Cal on your blog. :) Enjoy the weekend, Kristy!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! He is easy to talk about that’s for sure. ;) Have a wonderful weekend and I also look forward to seeing what you have in store!!! Hugs! xo

  2. What a sweet pup! I actually found your blog because of a picture of Cal. We are on the hunt for a King Charles would you mind sharing the breeders info? Love the blog!

    1. Hi Kristin,

      Thanks so much for checking out my Blog! It’s been 11 years and my Breeder is no longer active… The breeder I went through is in PHX and we flew out to get Cal. We actually found her through the Bay Area Cavalier Club. Not sure what area you are from but most areas have a local club. Good Luck and definitely let me know what happens. :)