Brightening your Home with January Florals


Now that the holidays have come and gone, my home seems so empty. I’m missing the color of Christmas and that magical feeling of the happiest time of year. Rather than giving up hope on the month entirely, I like to bring in more of what makes me happiest: flowers. Whether faux or real, I like to fill my home with as many arrangements and displays as possible. Maybe even sell in the future, I hear that we buy houses Connecticut CT Cash Homes LLC can offer some great perspective on getting a quick sale through.

Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy WicksBrightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy WicksThis beautiful faux grouping of roses was found at my local Homegoods store. It looks so real my friends had to touch it to believe it’s a faux arrangement.

Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy WicksShop this look:


You don’t need to go overboard and buy expensive bouquets, there are plenty of ways to bring in fresh flowers without breaking the bank. I love my local farmers market, Trader Joe’s, and Costco for budget-friendly options. I pick up bouquets for around $4 each – totally affordable in my book. Especially if you choose flowers that have a longer life-span.


Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy Wicks Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy WicksBrightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy WicksStock is one of my favorite flowers and this bunch was a steal at just $4. The smell fills my entire home and the blooms are gorgeous.

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If you follow along on my blog & Instagram, then you know I have an affection for faux flowers as well. Years ago, I used to turn my nose up at the idea of faux – they never looked real, they had terrible colors, and I remember Oprah saying that they were dust collectors on one her shows. Nowadays, they look great. Not only do they look just as good if not better than the real, many of them are made of a texture that is hard to differentiate between the two.


Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy WicksMy hands down favorite flower arrangement in my home has to be this large grouping of hydrangeas stems from Pottery Barn. I simply stuffed them into a large pot from my garden and I’m crazy with the entire look and style.

Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy WicksThe tiny Narcissus bulbs are something I have had for years. They look and feel so real. I love the touch of Spring they bring to my table.

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Pottery Barn is one of my favorite places to get faux flowers. They have a great selection of the stem variety in their little “Spring Flower Shop” available online as well as in store. They look so real it’s amazing! That is where all of my faux Hydrangeas are from in my dining room. Wayfair, Cost Plus, TJ MAXX, and Target have other look-alikes as well.


Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy Wicks Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy WicksI brought a small arrangement of fresh lavender/pink roses into my living room and placed them on my bar cart. They provide the perfect amount of color needed for the space. On the side table between the chairs I have a faux bunch of white hydrangeas in a pale pink vase.

Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy Wicks

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What I love about flowers is that they give me that necessary burst of color without committing too much to other home decor items. After the holidays, I tend to clean and clear my home of items I am not using. I’m off to Salvation Army and Goodwill more times than I can count. It’s a nice way to keep my home in check and to know exactly what I have. With spring just around the corner, I’m always looking ahead to making room for a few new pieces with softer colors.. (blush, cream, lavender, mint, and pale blue) Flowers act as the perfect buffer for that much needed color fill during this time.

Do you love flowers as much as I do? What do you do to brighten your home during January? I’d love to know what your thoughts on fresh vs faux flowers. Leave a comment below so that I can learn more from you.


Brightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy WicksBrightening your Home with January Florals ~ Kristy Wicks

January Florals - Kristy Wicks

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25 thoughts on “Brightening your Home with January Florals

  1. Hi Kristy!
    It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is ,your home always looks amazing . I tend to agree with Oprah about faux flowers, however I’m going to give it a try. The faux flowers in your home look beautiful and inviting . Thank for sharing !

    1. I keep the faux tucked away when I’m not using them and then when I need some brightening and I don’t have time for fresh, I pull them out. All flowers really do make me happier… no matter the type. :) Hugs!

  2. Hi Kristy,
    I totally agree with faux flowers.They are so similar to real one’s and I love to decorate with them. Candles extend my daylight, especially now where it still gets dark at 5 p.m.
    If that does not help…….”do more of what makes you happy”…….like redecorating every corner….read a good book and drink what makes you happy.

  3. Love these faux option! How do you store them when not in use? I end up putting mine in a large plastic bag. Any other ideas?

    1. Hi Gillian,
      I usually stack them in a closet in the garage but any shelf will work. I try not to put them on top of one another so that they stay looking nice. For the single stems – I do what you do. I carefully lay them inside of a large plastic bag on their side, and lay them on top of a bin on a shelf without hurting the petals. Sounds like we do the same thing! xx

  4. Thanks for this post, Kristy!!! I get fresh flowers each week from the grocery store and they really brighten my home and make me feel happy! Fresh flowers are a must in my home. I use to get faux one as well, but you are right the quality is so much better now. I will give them another try as well!
    Your home is so beautiful every room!
    Thank you, Annette

  5. Hi Kristy! My very favourite are white tulips!!! They look beautiful at anytime of the year, even at Christmas with a few springs of evergreen. I like a huge bouquet in my kitchen and one on the table in my foyer…sometimes in the powder room as well. Sorry…I’m of the same opinion as Oprah about faux flowers, although I must say that PB’s hydrangeas look pretty good!

  6. If I had the money Oprah has I would buy fresh flowers every day! But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with cosying up your home with faux , there is an amazing range of real touch flowers available today. Enjoying your Instagram and blog Kristy❤️??

    1. Hi Annie,
      Thank you for stopping by the blog & commenting! I totally agree.. I would have beautiful flowers delivered to my doorstep ;)
      Thank you so much for the kind words… you’re so sweet.

  7. In the Summer and Fall, I use my peonies and hydrangeas on my kitchen island and in my foyer. I must admit, I never buy fresh flowers in the winter but might stop by Trader Joe’s to see what they have!

    Is you potted palm real or faux? It looks great! Your home is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Donna… my fiddle fig is faux from World Market. PB also has a great faux. I love getting real flowers for my main rooms when I think of it during these late winer months. It’s amazing how happy flowers make you feel. :) That being said, I love how faux flowers always look soooo good. LOL ;)

  8. I use faux around the house, white hydrangeas are my favorite too. I do love fresh flowers,tulips are my favorite they remind me of Spring.

  9. This is absolutely beautiful Kristy! I love the florals you use to add to your already gorgeous decor! Thanks for linking up with our Friday Friends Parade. So happy to have you join in. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  10. What a lovely post and so informative! I’m always looking for more flower and vase ideas! I think have a great subject here! Thanks so much for joining our LInky Party, you’re the best!