Bits of Autumn at home… my Autumn Tour

I haven’t given you a BIG personal Autumn Tour simply because I enjoy adding my seasonal touches little by little instead.
I’m always looking to bring in special pieces here and there and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this year.
Throughout the next couple of months I’ll continue to search for decor that I find is either a great deal or is something that makes a space feel more alive and shouts FALL.

I always enjoy introducing natural elements with texture and this year is no different.
One of my favorite things to do is to head to our local nursery at the end of September and pick out special pumpkins and gourds.
I find if I wait too much longer many of the more unique and beautiful ones are taken.
I always try to grab as many baby white pumpkins as possible because they are my favorite and the ones with the longer stems are even better.
If you ever see any of those make sure to grab them while you can because they are hard to come by and usually the first taken.  :)

Because my home has an emphasis on the paler blues, greens and white color combinations I try to find pumpkins that blend in and add to my look rather than distract.
While I love orange pumpkins I usually purchase those for my front porch and pick the paler softer colors for my interior spaces.
I mentioned on Instagram that I’ve been lucky to find so many beautiful pumpkins in the soft blues and greens this year.
I adore these and they make me fall in love with the season that much more.

Along with my lighter pumpkins I always try to introduce some neutral tones by way of wheat sprays and acorns.
Both are usually easy to find and add the necessary texture of the season without out going too dark.
I always incorporate some of the darker natural elements such as large dried leaf branches for the porch.
I find that they accent everything out front just as nature intended by setting off the multitude of colors from my garden to the ever changing Autumn trees.

I hope your October’s seasonal decorating is coming along…
Remember that everything doesn’t need to be completed in a day or even a weekend for that matter. :)
Autumn is a 2 – 3 month season where we get to enjoy the celebration of change
in both time and weather. 
Instead, try to make decorating fun and interesting for all of your family and friends by adding little bits of Autumn every day.




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10 thoughts on “Bits of Autumn at home… my Autumn Tour

  1. Wondering where you purchased the chair slipcovers. The ones that cover the seat only on the fining room or kitchen chair. White.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Bonnie! Those chairs came with the slipcovers and I purchased them from ‘Kathy Kuo Home’ online. Thanks so much for commenting! Hugs! xo

    1. Thank you Michelle! Really means a lot coming from you. Hugs and thanks for taking a peek at my little Blog! ;) Have a beautiful Thursday… xoxo

  2. I LOVE these pics, Kristy!!! Everything is so beautiful! You’ve incorporated such pretty things into your fall decor. You’ve got me thinking I need to add more wheat sprays to my home for this season. :) Your porch is so inviting and pretty!

  3. I’m trying to decide if there is anything I’m not loving, and that would be a resounding NO; I think your house is so pretty! I really like your front porch, too!

  4. I love your home and blog!!! I was wondering where you got your sofa and love seat and if you change out the covers on it? I’m assuming the cover come off and can be washed.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Samantha. The Ethan Allen sofas are both full size and came with the slipcovers. (they have a ton of fabric choices to choose from) They come on and off in a pinch and I actually have 2 others so that I can switch them out while the others are being laundered. So easy and very kid friendly. Hugs! xo