Big Changes are coming to my Dining Room this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is always a big affair in my home.
I usually host 10-12 and love having everyone here each year.

I thought I’d share a couple of photos of my table from the last Thanksgiving before changes occur that I’m making to this space in just a few days… ;)
When it came to my Thanksgiving table color scheme last year, I knew I wanted to profuse a bit of the Autumn season into my pale blue dining room in a rich yet classic way.
By introducing pops of oranges and corals with the lush open roses, fallen leaves and acorns, I felt I achieved the color contrast that was needed.
I have quite a bit of seasonal pheasant and turkey stoneware from Williams-Sonoma that I adore and love how the glazed white pieces mix with the natural elements.
The table runner and napkins on the table are a light weight Belgian Linen from Pottery Barn and blend perfectly with the color of the room.
While I have thoroughly enjoyed the blue paint in this space,
I’ve decided to make the switch to an all ‘white’ in the Dining Room as well as the rest of the house except for the FR/ Kitchen and bedrooms.
Going with a crisp white backdrop in my Dining Room will allow me more flexibility when it comes to decorating the space.
While I adore color… I’ve found that I want to dictate the feel rather than allowing the paint do it for me.

Sometimes I want my Dining room to look more ‘tone on tone’ with layers of whites and creams for a more subtle and tranquil feeling.
Other times I want to display brighter colors with a cleaner backdrop for that crisp summer feel…
I think both approaches will benefit from a white wall more so than the current blue.
Still deciding on whether I want to leave the Family Room and Kitchen alone or simply cut my blue in half so that it’s still there, just not as prominently.

With all this going on, I’m still playing with the overall color scheme for this year’s Thanksgiving table.
Yes… even this late in the game! ;)
Making the change in paint color will allow for my favorite blue tone to be introduced as more of an accent this year rather than playing a key role which I think I’ll enjoy even more.

So excited to share all of this with you…
Now I just need to decide which white paint to go with and my painter is coming this Monday! :O
While I adore contrast with my Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee molding and window casings, I may go with Swiss Coffee everywhere for a seamless look.
Still deciding all!
Wish me luck! ;)


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7 thoughts on “Big Changes are coming to my Dining Room this Thanksgiving!

  1. That’s a beautiful table setting and you know how I love to see Cal make an appearance! Good luck deciding on a paint color. It’s so hard to commit sometimes. :) Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I liked your comment regarding not letting the wall color dictate your decorating. I’ve got blue walls too and love them, but it does limit sometimes how i accessorize etc.


    1. Thanks Jane! Isn’t that so frustrating? I think for people who love color but also love decorating and mixing things up find having a wall color can make it difficult! I’m back and forth on the back of the house (kitchen and FR) but think I may baby step it because of all the white cabinetry and go an even more watery pale blue… I think! EEK! What to do! ;)

  3. Love the blue but understand totally the limitations it places on decor. I think what you have decided on is perfect!

    1. Thanks Catherine… It’s crazy to think that these are the things I stress over. The good thing about paint is that while it may cost a bit to have it done, it can be redone if I’m not in love with the changes… You’re so sweet to comment! Hugs and Happy Weekend! xoxo