The little Red, White And Blue Bungalow

Wishing everyone a beautiful Memorial Day with a repeat of my sweet sister’s little red, white and blue decorated bungalow

One of the things that I love so much about my sister and her husband is that they chose ‘community and neighborhood’ over the size of their home when deciding to buy.  They actually downsized so that they could live in a more unique and beautiful neighborhood full of families and history.

Betsy and Jon are both Pilots and because their jobs require them to be gone so much of the time…  community and a sense of a neighborly feel is extremely important to them.  LandPark, the neighborhood they ultimately chose fit perfectly with what they were looking for.  It’s an old and established community in Sacramento that is positioned right next-door to the Sacramento Zoo, the always kid friendly Fairytale Town and large downtown parks full of water fountains, bike paths and joggers.

LandPark is full of history with most of the homes being built in the 40’s and while some of the homes have been renovated or rebuilt many of them remain in their original size.  Betsy and Jon’s home being one of them.

While my sister’s  home is small in size, it has a beautiful big back yard with space for a wine bar, pool, pool house, outdoor shower and even a vegetable garden.  It’s the perfect bungalow for entertaining and because they’ve chosen to live in this special neighborhood where everyone drops by unexpectedly…  entertaining others is something they often have the chance to do!

Their street reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting.  People are out and about walking their dogs, unloading groceries from their cars while waving hello and you can’t miss the hoards of kids and adults constantly riding past on bikes.

I’m in love with the feel of her town and the incredible people she calls her neighbors and friends…

Enjoy this little tour of my sister’s charming old bungalow…  
It’s nice to be reminded that homes of all sizes and age are special! 

Hugs! xo

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26 thoughts on “The little Red, White And Blue Bungalow

    1. I agree… I love Betsy’s home and love what she’s done with it! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs! xo

  1. Love it! I had my own little bungalow in Land Park before I moved East to NJ (ahhhg!) for love! I love everything about Land Park and you described it perfectly. My house was on Larkin Way. We moved to a similar community and charm neighborhood with walkability to town in NJ, but there is nothing quite the same as CA!

  2. I live in Rocklin, a suburb of Sacramento, and I know the Land Park area. It’s a lovely area and my husband and I have driven through it a few times over the years. Always felt it was such a charming place to live! Betsy’s home is so warm and cozy and the backyard is an oasis! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Betsy’s house is charming and cozy! I love it. I can’t wait to see what they do with the renovations.

  4. What a cute bungalow!😊 Can’t wait to see the final results after the remodeling.

  5. It was such an adorable, cozy home. Love her decor!! Can’t wait to see the renovation…I’m sure it will be so gorgeous!! I totally get wanting to stay in the place your lived for 20 years and raised your family…it’s Home!!

  6. This home will be beautiful! Thank you for letting us follow along, so much fun. I am very interested in the new front door. Can you share the source?