Best Screen Doors Review – Phantom Screens

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screen

I’m the queen of natural air flow. What I mean by that is – I’m always opening my doors and looking for ways to bring the freshness of the outside in. I’ve never been a fan of air conditioning. Not only do I get cold easily, but I’m also not a fan of wasting energy.

Growing up I have lived in many parts of the US as well as over seas. Some of my fondest memories during my younger years consist of warm summer evenings with a cool breeze running through the house because we had screen doors on the front and back. It always felt great having that fresh air running through. Come to think of it, I remember having our screen door in use over most Halloweens as well. There is just something welcoming about screens no matter the time of year.

After moving recently and needing screen doors in our new home I was given the opportunity to collaborate with my favorite screen door company: Phantom Screens! I wish I had thought to do this right after moving in as we have spent numerous days and nights chasing out the flies we have let in with our open doors. Summer is in full swing so better late than never…

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens


A little background info as to why Phantom Screens is my all-time favorite screen door company. Some of you may remember my previous home… We lived there for 12 years and had a beautiful outdoor space in the back which included a pool, outdoor fireplace, and comfy seating areas. Shortly after moving in, I knew I wanted screen doors for a nice cross-breeze. Phantom Screens was on my radar because my parents had them installed in their home in Austin, Tx – and everyone loved them. When I went looking for screens, I knew there was only one place to go… Phantom Screens. Not only were their screen doors of great quality, but I knew the customer service was incredible as well. We had the screens installed and the air flow began. ;)

Fast forward to current day and our newest home… Once again, I needed screens and I knew right where to go.

What Screen Doors I Installed

In this home I have 3 sets of french doors that needed screens added to them. It was an easy task choosing color with all 3 doors because my french doors are white. The nice thing about Phantom Screens is they offer a wide variety of colors from which to choose. My last home is a perfect example of needing choices. My trim wasn’t a common color yet they were able to find a match. I was ecstatic. Phantom has many options in regards to color as well as mesh style, click here to see them all.

In the past because all my screen doors were fit for single doors, I wasn’t really sure how the screen doors worked with french doors. It wasn’t until my design friend, Brian Patrick Flynn installed screen doors to his french doors that I saw them in action. I loved their versatility.

All of the screens made by Phantom Screens retract. What that means is that they roll into themselves and disappear when not in use on the outside of the door. It’s amazing because once they are installed, you don’t even notice them! Phantom adds a small frame to the outside of door that gives the screen a track to glide back and forth on. The most wonderful thing is that as it glides open, it retracts into the frame and disappears. So great!

With french doors, the Phantom screens actually close and open independently from one another. What this means is you can open one door and one screen if you like or have both french doors open and have both screens open or closed at the same time! So convenient.

The most amazing thing about Phantom Screens is that they have added a new latch system which keeps the doors closed without ever popping open!! Love this feature!

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens

The sweet guys over at Screens of Northern California petting Maggie!


The pricing for the screen door/doors in my area run anywhere from $429 to around $1000 depending on the style and size of your door. Amazingly affordable when you look at the fact that I had my last screen doors for over 12 years without any issues… and we used them constantly on a daily basis. , year-round.

You should check out Phantom Screens as they offer a professional consultation and installation. It’s so nice having the measuring and the install process done properly… Worry free!

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens


Screens of Northern California took care of all my installation. What’s amazing about this is they are the same installer who took care of my previous home… I loved working with them before and was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them again on this project. I wasn’t surprised to learn that they are the largest distributer of Phantom Screens in the Northern California area. The guys were so helpful and sweet they even pet Maggie as they were installing everything. Loved that! Click here to learn more about Screens Of Northern California.

Important information – All screens include a limited lifetime warranty on parts and components. They also include a 24 month labor warranty as well.

Click here for more FAQ’s about the installation process, what materials they use, how to clean, and more.

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens

Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens

Overall Thoughts

Many of my friends who have used my screen doors over the years have loved them so much they have since added them to their own homes.My mom still has Phantom Screens in her home.. and now I’m proud to say that I have had Phantom Screens in 2 of my most recent homes. I can’t emphasize enough how incredibly easy they are to operate, how polished & elegant they look, and what little upkeep they require.

Worth every penny.

I’m thrilled with my new patio doors, but I have also been looking to change my interior doors too so that fit with the new flow of my home. I’m considering looking online at different interior doors, to see if I can find a design that matches my amazing new patio doors. I friend of mine recently changed all the doors in her house and I’ll have to admit I’m slightly jealous!

If you’re interested in ordering Phantom Screens then make sure to give them a call for a consultation, estimate and more information. You can click here for their website, or here for @phantom_screens on Instagram where you will find more examples of their products in their gallery.


Best Screen Doors Review - Phantom ScreensBest Screen Doors Review - Phantom Screens

Thanks to Phantom Screens and Screens of Northern California for providing the screens and installation in lieu of social content. All opinions are my own.


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    1. Hi Kathy! These screens seem so much more intact than my previous with the newer latch hold. My previous had the looser magnet hold which would let go with pressure. I’m not sure about dogs jumping onto them. Maggie never touches the screens.. If you ask their customer service they may be able to help you with this question? Have a great weekend! xx

      1. Kristy, I love your post about Phantom Screens. I am the Phantom Distributor for Vancouver Island in Canada. To help answer Kathy’s question about “how do they hold up to dogs?” . . . they stand up incredibly well to both dogs and kids due to both the ‘floating mesh’ design and the material components. There is “pet mesh’ upgrade option… .but totally not necessary. The standard mesh is very durable and withstands most accidental impacts or pawing.

  1. I Liked yoUr review on phantom sCreens ive been going back and forth with clear view or phantom screens and your absolutely sure phantom is the best Which heLps with my decIsion It sounds like you also have doNe your homework question do you know how long they have been in business

  2. Thank you for your review. I was wondering if the screen follows a track on the top and or bottom or is it just free standing?