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Best Neutral Rugs & Decor for Fall and Year-Round Use

Let’s take a small break from fall content to talk about the importance of neutral base decor! Whether working with interiors or exteriors, I am a HUGE believer in selecting neutral classic and versatile mainstay pieces when it comes decorating my home. I’ve found that neutral decor allows more flexibility when it comes to styling seasonally.

Neutral decor doesn’t have to be boring.. the more texture and detail the better! Whether that be found in a natural woven fiber material, a soft plushy velvet, a fringe or a hammered metal piece – all contribute to making neutral decor more interesting and elevates them to stand out pieces.

Around 10 years ago I used to gravitate toward more colorful, unique pieces that would catch your eye. Overtime I have found that while I loved them, they limited me when it came to decorating. Whether for the holidays or when I simply wanted to switch out some pillows or art, the colorful pieces held me back. For example, I have had a moss green velvet sofa, a pale blue sofa, and even a floral red slipcovered sofa! Even now, you’ll find a light pink velvet sofa sitting smack in the middle of my living room.. something I’m changing to a more neutral piece as we speak.

One of my all-time favorite neutral decor pieces that you’ll always find in my home has to be the jute rug. I find that they add a splash of texture, color and cozy feeling that grounds a room without dominating it. Plus, jute rugs tend to be very versatile and come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes! I often like to use them outside (we don’t get any rain where I live so we can get away with that), in my family room and my bedrooms. They are timeless and have the ability to ride between that elegant and casual look/style that I crave.

Right now, Wayfair has a TON of neutral rugs and decor at great prices, including my brand new jute rug shown in this post! They also currently have a deal going where you can get home updates for as little as $39 and fast free shipping over $35. I always make sure to check Wayfair first because of their great deals!

So.. about my brand new jute rug! First of all – I’m in love with the thickness and the texture of this rug. For the surprisingly low price, I’m shocked at how great the quality is. This piece has fringe on both ends which is an added bonus and SO fun to style in any type of space. My outdoor sofas are covering the fringe on the ends currently but I’m planning to utilize this rug in different ways and spaces – it’s the perfect detail that sets it apart from other jute rugs. I’ve temporarily placed the jute rug outside on my back patio to cozy up the space for the next few weeks before the rains hit – I think it adds so much natural beauty to the space without stealing the show. I love the warm neutral tone. I have the rectangular 8×10′ rug but it comes in so many different shapes and size options. Love that!
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I’ve rounded up more of my favorite neutral rug & decor options from Wayfair below – There are so many affordable finds that I think you’ll love that should allow you tons of flexibility!

Neutral Rugs

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Best Neutral Rugs & Decor for Fall and Year-Round use: affordable and on sale area rugs and gorgeous decor available on sale from Wayfair right now.

Shop Neutral Decor here:

Do you feel the same way as I do about neutral decor? I personally find that neutral pieces allow me so much flexibility when it comes to decorating.. and you know how much I love to switch things up! ;)


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This post is sponsored by Wayfair. As always, all product selections and options are chosen by me.


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  1. Hi Kristy,

    Just adore your account and family! I want to order a rug you have in your house. I can’t remember which room? I looked at your website/blog post on neutral rugs but I don’t see the one I saw. Do you have links to the rugs in your home?

    Thanks in advance!