Best Lightweight Summer Bags

Best Lightweight Summer Bags

It’s almost June and I have been looking so forward to the start of “summer vacation” for the longest time.. I am the biggest fan of those 90 degree days. Summer means lightening up to me… from my hair and my clothing to yes.. even my bags. I try to avoid carrying anything heavy or bulky during this time of year.

Best Lightweight Summer Bags

My friend, Jenna Crandall is the cutest human ever. I met her through Instagram years ago and she lives in Connecticut and New York – she’s a full-time momma and business-savvy fashion blogger. She runs the blog, Lunchpails and Lipstick, and her style is just so casual-cute 24/7. She makes everything look chic!

Best Lightweight Summer Bags image via Jenna Crandall

Jenna introduced me to MZ Wallace bags through her Instagram & blog posts and she has been a fan for years. Jenna thought it would be SO much fun if we hosted a Monday Night Giveaway together, and have MZ Wallace be the sponsor.

Best Lightweight Summer Bags image via Jenna Crandall

MZ Wallace sent me a few bags – and I’m actually obsessed. (Btw, this isn’t a sponsored post – but they did send me a few bags to test out before I said yes to the giveaway.. and I knew that you all would love them as much as I do!) These bags are not only beautiful, but lightweight & comfy. The quilted patterned fabric adds that luxurious, high-end quality look and feel without the crazy high price.

Best Lightweight Summer Bags

I’ll talk about each bag with a little description about why I love them to help you learn more about each bag in case you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself. Each bag has different characteristics.

Best Lightweight Summer Bags

Medium Metro Tote

My new favorite bag for everything. I love that the interior of this bag is 1 large open space.. so I’m not limited to what I can put inside. Definitely a lot of things can fit – a laptop, textbooks even a small dog.. ;) It also comes in SO many different colors: from bright, summer looks to the popular classic neutrals and fall/winter tones. (Examples include: Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Orange Polka Dots, and more!) Click here to shop the tote.

Large Sutton 

The Sutton is a great everyday gym bag. It has a similar look to the Metro, but it has an  adjustable canvas strap for those heavy filled days. The Sutton comes with 3 zippered, different sized bags that you can use for anything – dirty gym clothes, wet swimsuit, makeup, and more. I also love the size because while it’s not too huge… it’s really big enough for everything. It also comes in many colors. Click here to shop the bag.

Crosby Bag 

Both Emma and I have this bag in different colors and we love it. Not only is it versatile with it’s 3 exterior pockets and 2 interior pockets – but it has different straps that come with it so you can switch up the look. It’s a medium sized crossbody.. and my friend thinks it looks like a sporty Chanel. I love that description! It comes in all the classic neutral colors. Click here to shop.

Crosby Traveler 

The traveler bag is a dream for a former flight attendant, like myself. I’m obsessed with trying to organize everything, and this bag makes life easy. Not only does it have exterior pockets, but it has a luggage sleeve to slide over the handles of your luggage. It’s perfect for traveling, baby, the gym, and more.. it’s amazing. If I could have designed a travel bag, this is what it would look like. Click here to shop.

And there you have it! I’m now officially MZ Wallace obsessed.. and you can see why above.

Best Lightweight Summer Bags


Thanks to MZ Wallace for gifting us the bags – we’re obsessed! Our opinions are our own. 


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