Before and After Hair + Hair Care Tips

Before and After Hair + Hair Care TipsIt’s amazing how something as little as a haircut can make you feel like a new person. I never realized this before but I have had the same cut and style for the past 15 years… maybe longer if I’m being perfectly honest. It wasn’t until last month when I was approached by a salon nearby to come in to get my hair done that I considered making a change.

Before and After Hair Plus Haircare Tips(my inspo via Anh Cotran)

The funny thing is that before the salon reached out to me I had just posted a hair inspiration pic in my stories by the talented hair guru Anh Cotran of a style that I loved. Everyone who viewed it on Instagram agreed. Even my hubby, Jeff was into it. I knew at that moment a change needed to happen.

Before and After Hair Plus Haircare TipsMy old hair… wow.

I never realized that my hair was so uniform and yellow. I would go into my previous salon and ask for straight color dye rather than highlights because I didn’t want to take the time… wow. Why would I ever do this? My hair has literally been super blonde with a yellow/gold hue for years. I never realized how much until just recently. In my previous salon’s defense, they offered to put a toner in to give my hair a more natural look, but once you’ve gone super light it’s hard to go darker again without it feeling like it’s dark. Does that make sense? You almost forget what natural really looks like, after awhile.

Before and After Hair Plus Haircare Tips

Liz Vawter doing her thing.. :)

Once I walked into Stem Salon in Walnut Creek, CA – I knew I would be in safe hands because everyone’s hair seated in the chairs looked amazing and everyone seemed so informative on what I should do. As soon as Liz (the owner of the salon) saw my hair in person, she had a heart attack but changed it up to look amazing along with Yahaira cutting it to the perfect length. The two of them whipped up magic and I left feeling like a brand new person. If you feel like you could do this too, you may want to consider opening a Salon franchise. However, If you are like me and prefer someone else to cut your hair then you check some of the tips I picked up.

Before and After Hair Plus Haircare TipsI’ve been getting so many compliments on the color + cut that I felt I should write about my experience. I also wanted to feature some of the products that Stem Salon recommended along with a few easy tips + tricks that don’t involve specific products. Emma is helping contribute to this post because she has the longest, thickest hair of anyone I know.

Before and After Hair Plus Haircare Tips

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Before and After Hair Plus Haircare Tips

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Some of our favorite hair tips + tricks:

  • For thick, frizzy hair like Emma, try to brush your hair when wet and if you do, spray a bit of hairspray on your brush/comb and then brush it through. This helps tame frizziness. (something Emma deals with) One of our readers, a hairstylist, also added that it’s good for everyone to brush your hair (with a good natural bristle brush) before washing it to help break up the oils on the scalp. This leads to a healthier scalp over the long run.
  • Purchase a Wet Brush – these brushes are made specifically to lessen the breakage and they are very inexpensive.. you can snag one at any drugstore or Target. Click here to get one for yourself.
  • Turn down the hot water while in the shower – The hot water causes frizz and may result in overly porous hair. Just make it less “boiling” and more average temp. Some like to rinse in cold just before getting out which they also say helps tone down frizz.
  • Get your vitamin levels checked – Emma is severely deficient in vitamin D (We just discovered this) and will have to takes a supplement once a week forever as a result (Vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss/thinning as well as serious health issues if you don’t take care of it)
  • Sleep on silk. Ok this tip is super optional but Emma has found that it really works! She has a ridiculous amount of hair that a normal person has and as she says… it’s frizzy & curly & huge. As a result her hair breaks quite a bit. She has found that sleeping on silk pillowcases helps with breakage & frizziness. Click here to get your own.
  • Deep condition your hair at least 1x per week with a shower cap on. Yes I know this is oddly specific… but Emma does this each week and finds that it really does help her hair. She says it traps the heat inside the cap + moisturizes her hair better.

Our Favorite Tools & Products

Before and After Hair Plus Haircare Tips| L’occtaine Cherry Blossom Lotion//Shower Gel Duo | Shampoo | Conditioner |

| L’occtaine Lemon Verbena Soap |

Liz at Stem Salon recommended the Kérastase Magistral line for me and I’m loving it! It’s for dry hair and I’ve struggled with that for a long time but for the past month my hair has been feeling lighter and so much more moisturized. I also love using the L’occtaine products while in the shower (I know this doesn’t have to do with hair but… they just smell so good!) I received a few of the travel sized Cherry Blossom lotion/shower gel duo in a package I received from them and I can’t get enough. Their Lemon Verbena scent is my all time favorite and I love the soap so much it’s in every bathroom in my home.

Before and After Hair Plus Haircare Tips| Hair Brush | Curling Iron |

Okay – we LOVE our hot tools. Not only are they inexpensive for a hair tool, but they come in so many shapes, sizes, and are sold at a million retailers. Both of us own multiple sizes, but we both use the 1″ size for everyday curls. When I curl my hair, I always curl 1 section away from my face then the next toward so it’s not the same. I then run my fingers through it afterward. I like a looser curl rather than a tight curl. Emma is the same.

My favorite flat iron is the T3. You can find out more about this tool by clicking here.

Before and After Hair + Hair Care Tips

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More Favorite Products:

  • Moroccan Oil – We love using this after we get out of the shower to calm down the frizziness.
  • Dry Shampoo – When you don’t have the time to wash your hair, this is the holy grail product.
  • Devacurl – Do you have crazy curls? Emma does! And she has used their products for years.. It really helps calm the frizziness and makes your curls shine bright.
  • Surf Spray – If you don’t have those built in curls.. this product really helps! It adds a little texture and volume to create those beachy waves. ( I love this!)
  • Texturizing Spray – This spray is great to build volume for those with thinner hair who want “Texas Hair” like Emma. ;)
  • Hair Spray – Emma uses this hair spray every time she does her hair.. it’s suited for all hair types and doesn’t “crunch” your hair.

If you need help in terms of tutorials – head on over to one of our favorite bloggers… Amber Fillerup. She’s the certified Barefoot Blonde Hair Queen and adds the best tutorials on her website. Especially for braids.. Emma learned how to french braid from her! Click here to check out some of her tutorials.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Let us know in the comments what you use to help tame/accent your luscious locks… and if you use some of the same products that we do! If you liked this post, we’ll post more about hair on the blog in the future.

Kristy + Emma


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  1. I love your new hair Kristy !!
    I suffer from super coarse, frizzy hair that I have to go through mountains for it to look good ( hence I only wash every 5 days, I have to mentally prepare myself !! But I didn’t know about the hot water thing! I’m going to try that because normally my water is extremely hot lol

  2. I only wash my hair about every three days so I brush it every night and then put up in a high scrunchie to sleep… take it out in the morning and my hair is full of body and still styled :)

  3. Love the new look but disagree with your tip about not brushing your hair when it’s dry. As a professional hairstylist for 30 years I can tell you that you only comb or use a wet brush on wet hair and you should brush your hair with a good natural bristle brush before you wash it to distribute natural oils and to remove dead cells from your scalp. A healthy scalp means healthy hair and not brushing your hair is one of the worst things you can do to it. ..unkess you want thin hair and a tight scalp as you age.

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    I saw the Kerasrase and wondering if you have the link so I can purchase it.
    Thank you

  5. These hair care tips and tricks are great for all women that would like to know more about maintaining a healthy appearance for their hair. I really like the point about getting your vitamin levels checked, as a balanced diet is essential for keeping your hair looking healthy as well as improving your overall health at the same time.