Decorating with Plaid

Plaid is everywhere…  It’s always been a standout design I’ve favored during the Autumn and holiday seasons but this year it’s seen on everything from shoes to lampshades.  This classic style looks fresh and new in the many ways it’s presented and it makes me so happy.  It’s the little things as they say.

I love mixing designs and plaids are a great addition to florals, paisley and even the cleaner lined fret.  Whether traditional red and green tartan or pink and khaki, it’s an easy design to play with and while it can be slightly busy… it never looks overdone.  I love how my sweet friend, Courtney from, ‘A Thoughtful Place’ blog has placed her plaid scarf on her dining chair in her beautiful Autumn Tour.  It looks beautiful casually draped and sends the signal that it’s the Fall season without being too obvious.  If you haven’t seen her tour make sure to hop over.  It’s so pretty…
source – A Thoughtful Place

Have a great Monday!



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