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I admire so many incredibly talented people that I’ve gotten to know through Instagram…  One very special stand out grabbed my attention last year with her style and heart. Melaine Thompson ofMy Sweet Savannah’  is one of the best DIY bloggers I know, always inspiring and ALWAYS creative.  I keep telling her that she is killing me with her amazing talent. She not only uses power tools which I think is extremely cool but she comes up with some of the best ideas ever and makes them look easy!
Just the other day she came up with a solution to cover a light switch that was placed smack dab in the middle of her wall. Don’t we ALL have this problem?  In typical ‘Melaine fashion’ she created a beautiful ‘industrial pipe picture hanger’ that looked not only like a quality unique piece straight out of a Restoration Hardware catalog but made on a dime.  Amazing.  When I saw this post I immediately felt as if I could make something just as beautiful…

I love people who inspire me and push me to another level.  Melaine does exactly that with each and every post.

Melaine lives near Seattle, Washington with a home that sits just a few hundred feet from the lake.   This incredible setting provides the perfect backdrop to her elegant yet elevated comfortable casual style.  She is all about her family and sweet pets and I just know that if we lived near one another we’d be sharing a glass of wine every other night.  I’ve included some pictures from Melaine’s beautiful home below as well as an interview to find out more about this special inspiration…

I know you will fall in love with her style and sweet personality as much as I have!

Cheers and Happy Friday!


IMG_0383 IMG_1735WN~
Where did your love for Interior Design stem from?

I started showing an interest in interior design at a very young age. I remember I started rearranging my room when I was in elementary school. When my parents would have friends over I would always help tidy up the house and pick fresh flowers. 

Who is your inspiration?

My parents! My dad is a furniture designer, who just retired, and my mom is a wonderful self taught seamstress and is very crafty.

How would you describe your style?

I like a cozy comfortable kick your shoes off kind of look. Nothing stuffy, but still having everything look nice and tidy.

Were you always a big DIY’er?

Yes, always, from as far back as I can remember. Are others in your family as creative? Like I mentioned above, my parents are both creative. I have 2 sisters though who did not get the gene :)

If you could have a 2nd home where would it be and what style?

I guess that would depend on where it was. I think a homes interior should reflect their surroundings. I have a love for nature and the mountains, so I think if I had a second home it would be very rustic with lots of wood and stone.

Marble or Granite and what color?

Marble, Carrera marble! We have both marble and granite in our home and I do love both. I say whichever you love, go honed!

You are such a great Blogger with inspiring projects… How long have you been blogging and what tips can you give to the beginner Blogger?

Thank you! I honestly don’t know how long I’ve been blogging, maybe 10 years? I say if you are just staring a blog, be persistent in posting, follow your heart and it will come through on the pages of your blog.

Do you garden?

I am no gardener but I do pick some mean weeds! I would love to have a big vegetable garden someday. For now, we have a huge yard that takes a lot of work to maintain, and that is enough for me at the moment! 

Do you prefer to cook or clean?  ;)

Both! I actually don’t mind cleaning, it’s kind of calming. I usually will put on some classical music while the kids are at school and set the timer for an hour or so {depending on how messy it is} and then treat myself to a latte afterwards! And I love to bake and cook. 

If you had to choose… Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Mantel.

SYMMETRICAL all the way

Favorites ~

Favorite HGTV show ~  Anymore? ehh. I loved Candice Olson. My favorite is Fixer Upper, is that even on HGTV?

Favorite Store to shop for Home Decor ~   Haystack Home in Kirkland Washington. My friend Dawn owns it and there is always something new and exciting in there. And by new, I mean old of course. There’s a great antique mall near downtown Seattle called Pacific Galleries. It’s ginormous and has one of everything. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s good for window shopping. Of course I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls. 

Favorite paint color for kitchens and family rooms ~  I am really over beige. Every wall in my house used to be beige. I’ve recently lightened things up and what a difference! I’m loving swiss coffee by Behr and Revere Pewter by Ben Moore. 

Favorite Kitchen Cabinetry Color ~  white or slightly off white. Ours are White Dove by Ben Moore.

Favorite hardwood style (wide planks, etc) and color ~  Dark, dark, dark. Wide plank. I would give my left arm for 8″ dark hand scraped wood floors right about now.

Favorite Home Magazine ~ Country Living

Favorite Flower and Color ~  I have more than one! Pink Peonies, lilacs, and white lilies. 

Favorite Vessel for Flowers ~  It depends on the look I am going for. Usually it’s a blue and white ginger jar, but I also love old galvanized buckets for a more informal look.

To learn even more about Melaine you can link to her Blog and Instagram by clicking on the following links ~

Blog ~ My Sweet Savannah 

Instagram ~ @mysweetsavannah

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IMG_0830IMG_1794IMG_1868home tour cody's roomhome tour cody's nightstandhome tour savannah's roomhome tour deckIMG_0549IMG_0553 IMG_0555IMG_0552IMG_0551


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2 thoughts on “All about ‘My Sweet Savannah’

  1. I’ve been following Melaine’s blog forever. Her home is gorgeous and she is so down to earth. Thanks for the feature!

    Jane x

    1. Thanks for commenting Jane. I adore Melaine’s Blog as well. She is SO good!! Hugs and have a great Wednesday! xo